2017 NatCroMo Blog Tour: Yarn and Crochet Business Sign-Up


Indie dyers, spinners, yarn company owners, hook makers, and companies that make other tools and accessories for crocheters, you are invited to participate in Crochetville’s fifth annual blog tour in March 2017 in honor of National Crochet Month.

To participate, scroll down to the bottom of this page and select your preferred date. We suggest you do this as soon as possible to make sure you get a spot, as we can only accept a total of 31 companies: one for each day of the month.

Information We’ll Need from You

We will need you to provide us with photos and a ready-to-publish blog post telling us all about your company and your products.

Promotional Efforts


We will use the following methods to promote the blog tour:

  • Social media accounts: Blog, Facebook page (over 258,000 fans), our Facebook groups (Daily Dose of Fiber and National Crochet Month), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Press releases: To be sent to crochet publishers, yarn manufacturers, others in the crochet and fiber arts industry
  • Newsletter

LYS Owners

We will ask you to promote your participation in the blog tour in similar ways. We will provide you with graphics and promotional templates that you can use if you wish.

Trademark and Copyright Use Policy

We can only accept into the tour designers and companies that are making a best-faith effort to comply with trademark and copyright law in relation to any products that involve the intellectual property of a third party, such as popular characters, sports teams, and corporate logos, for example. Be sure to read our Trademark and Copyright Use Policy before applying to be part of the tour.

Sign Up Now

  1. NOTE: Sign Ups are officially closed. We are unable to accept additions to the tour once the tour has started. Use our Sign-Up Sheet to select your featured date, selecting the link below titled “2017 Yarn/Other Company Sign-Up.” After the page refreshes, scroll down and click the “sign up” link to the right of your chosen date. When the page refreshes again, scroll down again, enter your information, and click the light blue “Sign me up” button.

    2017 LYS Sign-Up

    Crochet-friendly local yarn stores,we would love to feature your store one day in March 2017 during our National Crochet Month Blog Tour. Please use this form to select your featured date. We will contact you the first week of January 2017 with a link to an online form you can use to submit photos and information about the ways in which your store supports crocheters.

    Sign up below...

    What Name LYS Name
    What Name LYS Name
    LYS: March 1 #1: Ellen JohnsonSerendipity Needleworks
    LYS: March 2 #1: Andrea RiddleThe Yarn Club
    LYS: March 3 #1: Sandy GrayThe Yarn Haven
    LYS: March 4 #1: Krista JamesonYarn and Y'all
    LYS: March 5 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 6 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 7 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 8 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 9 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 10 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 11 #1: Kristin SchanckLittle Yarn Shoppe
    LYS: March 12 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 13 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 14 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 15 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 16 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 17 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 18 #1: Libby HiattThe Village Yarnery
    LYS: March 19 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 20 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 21 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 22 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 23 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 24 #1: Tricia PerkinsYarnatopia
    LYS: March 25 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 26 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 27 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 28 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 29 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 30 #1: Sign up »
    LYS: March 31 #1: Sign up »


Submit Your Info

Please fill out our 2017 Yarn and Other Company Information Form and submit to  us on or before February 21, 2017.