Adding Patterns Tutorial

  • Amy Shelton
  • 12/14/2012 4:42 pm

Thank You!

Thank you for helping us create the most extensive free pattern directory around by adding information about your favorite free patterns to our database. We appreciate your willingness to help. Now let’s get started!

Please remember:

• Add only free crochet patterns.
• Add only patterns that have at least one photo.
• If a pattern depicts a trademark (such as a character or logo), add it only if it is licensed.

Go to the Add Pattern Page

Add Pattern Instructions 0b

Click the Add Pattern link you’ll see in the navigation bar at the top of the directory.

What You’ll Need to Add and How to Add It

Add Pattern Instructions Part 1

You’re Almost Finished

Add Pattern Instructions 2

Review your information and click the Back or Continue button.


Add Pattern Instructions 3

Congratulations and thank you! You just submitted your first pattern.

Ready to submit another one? Just click the Add Pattern link again!

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