Review Policies

Amy and Donna enjoy reviewing items of interest to crocheters. We are happy to review items such as books, crochet hooks, accessories, tools, yarn, kits, and anything else related to crochet.

Before we write a review, we actually test-drive the products and read the books that are sent to us. We want to experience each item so we can provide the best review possible.

We will only write reviews for items we are comfortable recommending to Crochetville members and visitors. We will not write reviews for items we are not able to recommend. We write reviews as time allows. Submission of an item does not guarantee that we will review it. However, lack of a review for a submitted item does not necessarily indicate that we don’t like the product; we may just not have had time to test the product yet or to write the review.

All reviews will be based on our honest thoughts and feelings about the product. Even though posted reviews will be of an overall positive nature (see above), we will include any concerns or cautions we have about the product in the review.

To submit a crochet-related product or book for a possible review, please use the Contact Us form to request our mailing address. You may also request whether you would prefer an item to be reviewed by Amy, Donna, or both of us. If you would like both of us to review the product, you will need to send a sample to each of us.


Our members love giveaways! You are also welcome to include another item for us to use as a giveaway to our forum members.

Giveaways are publicized across multiple platforms: our blog, social community, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Many of our Facebook fans share our Facebook post with their friends, reaching even more potential entrants.