Enrich your life through crochet.

Enrich your life through crochet.

Hobbies improve our well-being. They give us a zest for life and relieve stress. Through hobbies, we can explore our talents and challenge ourselves. They provide opportunities to connect with others and improve self esteem. Hobbies allow us to feel accomplished, keep our minds active, and can even provide a side income.

At Crochetville, we strive to promote the hobby of crochet and to foster connections between crocheters through our blog, discussion forum, and social media.

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.

~ Brené Brown

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.

~ Vincent van Gogh

Crochet Afghans

Afghans bring so much joy and comfort, in the making, giving, and using. No wonder they’re such a popular crochet project.

National Crochet Month

Our popular NatCroMo Blog Tour is back! Throughout the month of March join us for a virtual tour of crochet designers, hobbyists, teachers, freebies, giveaways, and more.

Crochet Shawls

Shawls lend beauty and fashion to any outfit, without a care about size and fit. How fabulous is that?

Our Forum

Our old school discussion forum is warm and welcoming, all the time. Social media can bring you down. Our forum members will always lift you up. You’re in good hands.

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