2014 National Crochet Month: Blog Tour for Crochet Makers/Sellers

The month of March is National Crochet Month. In 2013, Crochetville sponsored a highly-popular blog tour with visits to nearly 60 different crochet designers throughout the month. We’ll be doing the Designer Blog Tour again in 2014, but we’re also introducing something new: a separate blog tour featuring those who make and sell crocheted items.

Cost to Participate:    $50.00

Organizing and promoting this blog tour takes an incredible investment of time. As much as we would love to offer this tour at no cost to participants, that simply is not possible. We believe the value you will receive from our blog tour social media promotion efforts will be worth much more than the $50 participation fee.

We are now taking applications from sellers who would like to participate in the tour.

[button link=”https://crochetville.com/blogposts/natcromo/2014NatCroMoMakerBlogTour.docx” size=”xl” style=”download”]Download the Application Form: Word format[/button]


[button link=”https://crochetville.com/blogposts/natcromo/2014NatCroMoMakerBlogTour.pdf” size=”xl” style=”download”]Download the Application Form: PDF format[/button]

Copyright/Trademark:    If you sell items featuring popular characters, sports team logos, corporate logos, we can only accept applicants who sell officially licensed. If you sell items featuring popular characters, sports team logos, corporate logos, you must provide us with proof of your licensing arrangements or other official legal permission for our legal files. Please do not send in an application if you sell unlicensed merchandise.

List of Stops Along the Tour

Before the tour starts, you may click on any participant’s name to go directly to their website or Facebook page, depending on which they’ve chosen to highlight. We hope to have one or two stops on the blog tour each day of the month.

Each participant will post their actual blog tour post on their scheduled date.

March 1 …………….. …………………..
March 2
March 3
March 4
March 5
March 6
March 7
March 8
March 9
March 10
March 11
March 12
March 13
March 14
March 15
March 16
March 17
March 18
March 19
March 20
March 21
March 22
March 23
March 24
March 25
March 26
March 27
March 28
March 29
March 30
March 31


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