2017 NatCroMo Blog Tour, March 8: Lena Fedotova

A-Glamping We Will Go: 5th Annual National Crochet Month Blog Tour

Welcome to Crochetville’s fifth annual National Crochet Month (NatCroMo) blog tour, taking place each day of March 2017. Join us for a month of virtual glamping (aka glamorous camping), as we visit crochet designers, crochet-friendly local yarn stores, and yarn companies, as well as offer some fun giveaways.

Today’s Posts: Michelle Ferguson | Lena Fedotova

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Part of the fun of glamping is the daily round-up around the campfire, chatting and stitching with friends. We hope you’ll join us in our NatCroMo Facebook group, where we’ll be sharing daily camping recipes, campfire songs about crochet, and so much more! We’d also love to hear about your favorite things you’ve discovered on the tour and see photos of your current crochet projects. You’re invited to join us daily for virtual cocktails/appetizers and dinner. (We’ll be sharing links to some fabulous recipes!)

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Lena Fedotova, Cup of Stitches

Designer Lena Fedotova

Crochetville is very proud to have designer Lena Fedotova with us today, March 8th, as one of the featured designers on our 2017 Designer Blog Tour in honor of National Crochet Month (NatCroMo).

About Lena:

Hello! My name is Lena Fedotova and I am a crochet designer from Ukraine. Designing crochet items is my full-time job. I live in an old wooden boat with my husband and cats. We are currently anchored in Montenegro, a small Balkan country, which has stolen my heart.

Do you crochet in public? If so, when and where?

My working process involves a lot of frogging, so instead of crocheting in public, I frog in public. This activity does not require too much attention and I can do it anywhere while chatting or looking around at the same time.

Do you have a special place at home where you crochet? Tell us about it.

I feel comfortable anywhere at home as long as it is not easily accessible by my cats, who are huge fans of my work! I have to keep my hairy friends away, especially when I crochet samples for the Crochet Now magazine. I once spent a whole day removing cat’s hair with tweezers from my first project for this magazine. I still have to do it occasionally, but the “no cats” policy helps.

Share the story of your favorite thing you’ve ever crocheted or designed.

My favorite project to date is Star Over, which combines everything I am fond of at the moment: an interesting construction and ingenious colorwork for my inner crocheter, as well as a relaxed fit, an eye-catching shape and pattern for my inner fashionista. I was so much in love with my crocheted home rugs with the bold star pattern (Two Stars), that I wanted to wear it!

Star Over by Lena Fedotova

How do you decide what to name your patterns?

I combine my patterns into thematic bundles like Mental Vacation, Little Collections (Little Bird collection, Little Garden collection), Shine On, etc, which makes naming patterns much easier. I also appreciate the help of the Cup of Stitches group members, who gave many wonderful names to my designs.

Tell us about your most popular pattern.

My most popular pattern is Porcelain Berry Shawl and it was made by accident. I was working on a pattern for Malabrigo yarns (Sands top), and had some leftover yarn which I felt I needed to utilize somehow. It was my first collaboration and the first shawl I ever created, so I felt quite nervous. But the result is still among the hot right now patterns on Ravelry.

Porcelain Berry Shawl by Lena Fedotova

Visit Lena’s Site: NatCroMo Specials

We aren’t sure if she’s running any specials, but head on over to her blog  and check it out.

Lena’s Designs:

If you’re not familiar with my work already, I’d like to share three of my designs with you.

Bargello Blanket by Lena Fedotova

1. Bargello Blanket, $7.50

Inspired by the beauty of Bargello needlepoint, Bargello Blanket is a gorgeous, yet easy to crochet blanket with plenty of possible color and construction options. The delicate flame stitch pattern looks breathtakingly charming and can be made with two, three or more colors.

Tunisian Shell Shawl by Lena Fedotova

2. Tunisian Shell Shawl, $7.50

Tunisian Shell Shawl is a quick and glamorous project, which uses the Tunisian crochet technique. Each shell element of the shawl is small enough to place all of your stitches on a regular crochet hook.

Ink Ripples Wrap by Lena Fedotova

3. Ink Ripples Wrap, $7.50

Ink Ripples is a charming wrap made of hexagonal motifs, which, with the specific joining method, imitate needlepoint lace and create a spectacular circle pattern.

Find Lena Online:

Ravelry Groups: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/cup-of-stitches

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ravliki/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ravliki/

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