5 Reasons You Need Every Which Way Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman

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I am so thrilled to be asked to take part in the blog tour introducing Edie Eckman’s newest book, Every Which Way Crochet Borders. I’m not ashamed to admit: I have every one of Edie’s crochet reference books on my bookshelf (and some also live in my Kindle app, so they’re always with me on my iPad). I was glad to have an early chance to get my hands on her newest book.

Every Which Way Crochet Borders

Every Which Way Crochet Borders (amazon)
Edie Eckman
Published by Storey Publishing

You may be familiar with Edie’s previous book on the same topic: Around the Corner Crochet Borders. As she says herself in the book’s preface, you might think that the 150 borders in that book would be enough for anybody. Well, they weren’t enough for Edie, as she has now come up with an additional 139 creative crochet borders. If you’re like me, you’re going to be very glad she didn’t stop with the original 150 borders.

1. You can browse the book for inspiration.

The fabulous borders in this book are not arranged in any particular kind of order. Edie did this deliberately, to encourage readers to browse through the gorgeous, colorful photos. You never know when you may just stumble serendipitously across the perfect border for your project, a border that wasn’t what you were originally envisioning at all.

Every Which Way Crochet Borders 1

2. You can search a table for specific border attributes.

Edie also recognizes that sometimes you might really need to find a border with a particular attribute. To make that possible, she’s included a wonderful little table in the back of the book to help you find the following types of borders:

  • reversible
  • wide
  • medium
  • narrow
  • undulating
  • straight
  • motifs
  • open/lacy
  • layered
  • fringy
  • textured

Every Which Way Crochet Borders 2

3. You can find a border in a hurry.

Sometimes you may be in a hurry to finish a project, with no time to browse through the book. When that’s the case, you have no need to worry. Edie’s also provided a handy little border directory with thumbnail images of each design, making it very quick and easy to find the perfect border.

4. You will learn how to select the perfect border.

Do  you have difficulty knowing what border might work best for your project? You are going to love the material in the front of this book, in which Edie walks you through a number of different things to think about when selecting a border for your project. You’ll learn the importance of:

  • form following function
  • scale
  • the potential in color
    • contrasting vs. complementary colors
    • solid colors vs. multicolors
  • yarn choice

Every Which Way Crochet Borders 3

5. You will learn how to customize your borders.

Sometimes it’s handy just to have a border ready and waiting to use, without having to come up with something on  your own. Other times, you might want to exercise your creativity and come up with your own border designs. Edie walks you through things to consider and even provides a case study on creating a border design. She covers things such as:

  • adding preliminary rounds
  • adding new elements
  • combining borders
  • going 3-dimensional
  • understanding border mechanics
  • troubleshooting problems
  • stitch multiples and why they matter
  • fudging stitch counts (yes, sometimes in design you have to fudge!!)

Book Giveaway

Special thanks to Storey Publishing for allowing us to conduct a giveaway for a free copy of Edie’s book. At the publisher’s request, the giveaway is limited to US mailing addresses only.

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