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Goodbye,  Crochet Pattern Central

About a month ago, the owner of Crochet Pattern Central decided to retire and sell the site after spending many years and countless hours turning it into something really special. We wish her well and hope she has many years of enjoyable crochet time ahead of her.

For a long time CPC has been the favorite, go-to source for many of our Crochetville members. Unfortunately, things have changed, and not for the better. It appears that no new pattern links have been added for over a month. Crocheters have told us they find it very difficult to find the actual crochet pattern links due to placement of ads on the site.

Crochetville members have expressed their sadness and frustration at the changes made to the site. We know you are looking for something different, a new free crochet pattern directory that will truly meet your needs. You want a site where it’s quick and easy to find the patterns you’re looking for.

Hello, New Free Crochet Pattern Directory

While we purchase a lot of crochet patterns ourselves, we also realize that many crocheters are on a limited budget and rely quite heavily on free patterns. We have heard your pain at the loss of this resource that made it easy to find the free patterns you needed. We’ve been working hard for the past several weeks to create an answer for you. We think we’ve found a solution you’re going to love.

A free pattern directory seems a perfect match for Crochetville, but with our friend Rachel so lovingly caring for Crochet Pattern Central, it didn’t make sense for us to have one as well. But now that things have changed, we are creating the free crochet pattern directory of our dreams.

We’re happy to announce the creation of Crochetville’s very own free crochet pattern directory. This site is not just a duplication of CPC. It’s something much, much different. We hope you’ll think it’s even better, with lots of new features.

We’ve created an organizational structure we think you’ll find very useful. We’ve added thumbnail photos of patterns so you’ll know what a pattern looks like before clicking the link to get the pattern.  We’ve added the ability to keep a list of your favorite free patterns right there in the directory. We’ve added basic information about each pattern and added advanced search filters to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. We’ve even added an option to “Love” a pattern that will let you see how many other people love it, too. We also have a link checker that will alert us promptly to any broken links so we can fix them for you.

We Need Your Help

Did you know there are tens of thousands of free crochet patterns out there? If we have to add all the patterns to our database ourselves, just the two of us, it’s going to take us years and years to make the directory as useful as we want it to be for you.

We’re asking for your help. Would you be willing to add pattern listings to the database for us? It’s really a quick and easy process. We’ve even created a simple tutorial to show you just how easy it is.

Perhaps you’d like to start by adding links to your favorite free patterns. Perhaps you’d like to focus on adding a certain type of pattern, such as Christmas ornaments, baby clothes, socks, whatever strikes your fancy!

If each visitor to our site would add only 5-10 links, we’d have the database populated in about a week!  Seriously! The faster we can get it populated with pattern links, the faster it will turn into your favorite source for finding free crochet patterns, both old and new!

Tell Us What You Think

We think our new directory is pretty darn great. We hope you do, too!

Why don’t you go check it out and let us know what you think? After you check it out, please come back here and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear any suggestion you have.

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