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I can hardly believe it is January 2016 already! We are gearing up the publicity for our 4th annual blog tour in honor of National Crochet Month. The tour will take place March 1 – 31, 2016. This year’s theme is “Come Along and Ride This Train.” Join us for a virtual passenger steam train ride on The Crochet Express as we visit with 93 crochet designers and up to 31 each yarn companies and crochet-friendly yarn stores.

Throughout the month we’ll be offering free daily giveaways. Our blog tour participants will be offering freebies, discounts, and more. You’ll want to visit our blog every day so you won’t miss a thing!

Come Along and Ride This Train

Steam Train
Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

I’ve seen some designs that I’d like to share with you,
And I know some yarn stores that I’d like to take you through.
I will show you yarns that I am sure you’d like to see.
Come along and crochet with me.

Come along and ride this train.
Come along and ride this train.

Come Along and Ride This Train by Johnny Cash
(click link to hear Johnny sing the original song)


Daily Discussion and Activities

Want to have fun chatting with a lot of enthusiastic crocheters from around the world about all the exciting things you find each day? You’ll want to join us on the Crochetville forum/message board and/or on our National Crochet Month Facebook group.

Since we’re taking a cross-country train trip, there will be plenty of time between stops during which we’ll be able to have show-and-tell sessions in the Observation Car with an afternoon snack and cocktails and a full dinner and dessert in our Dining Car (recipe links only; no actual food will be served through your internet connection).


Spread the Word

Want to help us spread the word to more crocheters? You have our full permission to share or post the graphic below any place you wish and to link to any of our blog posts about The Crochet Express.


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