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Amy and Donna, I noticed you’ve started sharing photos of finished crochet projects on your Facebook page. How can I get you to share a photo of my latest project?

Our Facebook friends love seeing photos of finished projects. We love sharing as many photos as we can on our page. However, with over 26,000 fans and growing rapidly, we won’t be able to share every photo that our fans share with us. But we’ll share as many as we can.

Before we can feature your photo, you first have to share it with us. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Go to our Facebook page.
  2. Scroll down below our cover photo to the first posting box.
  3. Click the “Photo /Video” link.
  4. Browse your computer to find the photo you want to share and upload it.
  5. Tell us about your crochet project. People will want to know the pattern and yarn you used, so be sure to include that information. If you have an interesting story to share about the project, we’d love to hear that, too.
  6. Click the “Post” button.

How do you choose which photos to feature?

At the moment, we’re trying to share everything we can. As more and more people start to share, we won’t be able to share everything. We’ll just have to use our own personal judgment about what to share.

We may consider the following when choosing which photos to feature:

  • The items fits with our own personal interests.
  • Something is posted in our favorite color.
  • You’ve included a really touching or interesting story.
  • The photos are good quality: clear, crisp, good lighting, really show the details of the project.

There are some things we will not feature:

  • Photos that are posted with what feel is the intention to sell a pattern or the finished item. Such photos will be deleted from our page with no notice. (Repeat offenders may be banned from posting on our page. We really do not want to do this, so please respect our wishes.)
  • Photos that feature unlicensed patterns of popular characters, company logos, sports team logos, etc. We can only allow links to licensed patterns, and we don’t want to have to police comments to make sure unlicensed links are not shared by other page fans. These photos may also be deleted from our page without notice. If you have used a licensed pattern, please be sure to include that information in your post, so we can be sure to share it.

Can I email the photo to you instead?

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we cannot upload photos to Facebook that we receive via email. Why not?

  1. M0st importantly, we want YOU to receive the credit for your photo. If we upload it, people will think it belongs to us. When we share the photo, viewers will be able to see it belongs to you. They can tell YOU how great your project is. You’d prefer to receive all the glory and accolades, right?
  2. Next, we need to avoid any  potential copyright liability issues. If we post a picture that you send us, and you’re not the copyright owner, we could get in trouble. If you post the photo, then you’re on the hook for any copyright infringement issues, which means you’re probably going to be very careful to post on our page only photos that you’ve taken yourself.

Do you share a maximum number of photos each day?

We will eventually feature no more than 5-10 photos a day. While interest is growing, however, we’ll try to feature as many as we can, without totally overwhelming our fan base with posts.


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