Nesting Birds Love Alpaca Fiber

A few years ago at a crochet conference and show, I had the pleasure of visiting the booth of Clark Summit Alpacas, a family-owned alpaca farm in New Hampshire. Among other things, I purchased one of their alpaca-fiber-filled suet baskets with an adorable copper roof. I put it out and it’s been a thrill to see birds collecting fluff from it every spring.

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Even if you’re not an avid bird watcher, it’s such a joy to see birds collecting soft fluffy bits to line their nests in preparation for egg-sitting and, ultimately, little baby birds that need to stay warm and comfortable. If you already love to feed the birds, this is a great way to see even more of them. If you don’t feed the birds – maybe because of the mess and cleaning – this is a fantastic way to still get bird visitors! Just put it in a location where birds will feel safe and they will come!

You can get your own alpaca-fiber-filled suet basket with a copper roof from Clark Summit Alpacas. It’s springtime now and the birds are building nests – a perfect time to put one of these out! To get yours, visit the Clark Summit Alpacas Etsy shop or go directly to their Etsy listing, Alpaca Bird Nesting Materials – Filled Suet Cage.

Birds will often pick as much alpaca fiber as they can – until they have a beak full – and fly off to “feather” their nest with it. You can see a titmouse doing just that in the video below, which I filmed from inside my screened porch.

If you order one of these, I hope you enjoy it as much as we have! Please stop back by and leave us a comment about your experience with this fiber-filled suet cage and your local birds!

Note: The products in this review were purchased from the seller, and I did not receive any free products or compensation for this review. It’s just a product I love and wanted to share with my fiber friends!

Header image of baby birds in a nest by Tania Van den Berghen from Pixabay. While it’s unlikely that there’s alpaca fiber in this particular nest, it is a great photo of a nest lined with some type of fluffy fibers!

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