Boutique: Open for Pre-Orders

Crochetville has a new Crochet Boutique right here on our website for your shopping convenience! We are currently accepting PRE-ORDERS only in advance of the Crochet Guild of America‘s Chain Link conference taking place July 26-29, 2017, in Itasca, IL. (Click here for more information on attending the conference.)

Keep on reading for all the details and to see what’s available!

Pre-Order Discount

Enter code preorder at checkout, and you’ll receive a 15% discount on your order. This discount cannot be applied to previously placed orders.

Items Available for Pre-Order

Click any of the category links below to see what we have available in each category.

Chain Link Conference Pre-Orders

We are offering a pre-order so we can make sure you are able to get the items you really want at the conference. We can only stock limited quantities of the more expensive items in our booth, such as Japanese crochet books and crochet hook kits. By placing your order in advance, you won’t have to worry that the items you really want will sell out before you get to our booth. You’ll be able to pick up your pre-order then casually shop our booth for the items we’ll have in higher quantities.

We don’t have to charge sales tax or shipping charges on pre-orders, so you’ll save money on the more expensive items, making your shopping dollars stretch farther while at the conference. (Unfortunately, if you’re in the state of Alabama, we do have to charge sales tax at 5.5%.)

Non-Conference Pre-Orders

Not attending the conference? Don’t worry: We’re not leaving you out! You are welcome to place an order. If you can pick up in the Huntsville/Madison area, there will be no shipping charges. If we need to ship to you, we will charge the actual USPS Priority Mail shipping charge we pay. Please read our Boutique Terms and Conditions for more information on shipping.

Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

Because this is a pre-order, we have some special terms and conditions that apply to these orders. You’ll have to read and agree to these prior to checkout, but we strongly recommend you read them before you get all excited about placing your order. Click here to read our Boutique Terms and Conditions.

Ready to Shop?

Just click the Boutique link in the navigation bar at the top of any page to go to the main page of our Crochet Boutique.








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