Business Mastermind Group: Week One

Crochetville’s first Business Mastermind Group has just started meeting this week. While I can’t share the specifics of what takes place during our sessions, I thought you might like to read an overview. The information might be helpful if you’re interested in signing up for any crochet business mastermind groups we offer next year.

Business Mastermind Group

Our first group is composed of nine group members, all of whom are excited about learning how to take their crochet business to the next level.


Two online store owners selling patterns, yarn, crochet tools

Four indie designers selling patterns online

Two crocheters selling finished items

One person selling patterns and finished items

Week One Discussion

Our discussion this week has mainly consisted of introductions, formatting patterns for Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook), and search engine optimization (SEO) tips.

One major benefit of mastermind groups is their ability for members to function as accountability partners for each other. Each member of our group is encouraged to identify one area they need to work one and commit to making progress by the end of our group sessions. One person may choose to develop a business plan. One may choose to write a marketing plan. Another may commit to developing a branding image for their business. Another may choose to format a pattern or ebook for Kindle and/or Nook.

Each business owner will set goals, update us on their progress, ask questions if needed, and those of us with expertise in that area will offer suggestions.

I can’t wait to see how far everyone has come by the end of the year!

Weekly Phone Call

Every Saturday morning we will have a one-hour phone call to help the group bond with each other. Tomorrow, each group member will select their goal. It should be interesting to see what everyone chooses.


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