2013 Crochet Business Mastermind Groups

2013 Crochet Business Mastermind Groups: Join Now!

We had such great success with our trial Crochet Business Mastermind Group in 2012 (despite the busy holiday season!) that we are now ready to open up groups for 2013. What Is a Mastermind Group? A mastermind group coordinates the knowledge and effort of two or more people working together toward a definite purpose, as … Read more

Starry Night

Crocheters Are Intelligent, not Stupid or Ignorant

I was recently part of an online discussion with a crochet designer friend that left me completely flummoxed and outraged. Why? Because of a comment made to this designer by a publisher. Go grab a relaxing beverage to sip while you read this. You’re going to need it. You’ll probably be as upset as I … Read more


SEO for a Crochet Business

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is made up of a number of activities that seek to drive traffic from search engines to a website, with the ultimate goal of having the website listed on the first page of search engine results for particular words (keywords). Your crochet business is part of a very niche market. … Read more