Chat with Crochet Designer Kim Guzman, Part 1

Kim Guzman

Here is the official transcript from Crochetville’s live chat with crochet designer Kim Guzman that took place on our Facebook page on Friday, October 25. Questions are in no particular order. We had so many questions that I’ve had to divide this blog post up into multiple parts. Links to all the parts can be found at the end of this post.

(Note: Text appears as it was entered during the live chat.)

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Transcript of Live Chat with Crochet Designer Kim Guzman, Part 1 of 4

Crochetville: Welcome to our live Facebook chat with prolific crochet designer Kim Guzman! Kim, thanks so much for being with us this morning. Everyone, if you have a question or comment for Kim, please write a new post. You’re welcome to comment in any existing post thread as well.

Kim Guzman: I’m here for the party.

Mary:  I would like to know how you got started and if you have any advice for newbies

Kim Guzman: I started designing from the time I could crochet. In 1998, I met Brenda Stratton and Carol Lawrence Alexander and they invited me to go to a CHA conference. It was there that I was able to witness the goings on between designer and publisher. I brought some samples with me and had three book deals from that one meeting. I haven’t stopped since. My biggest advice is to be sure to always submit your designs according to the publisher’s instructions and never take it personally when your design is rejected. It happens to all of us, all of the time.

Mary:  Thank you

Margaret: What is CHA?

Amy Roberts Shelton: CHA = Craft Hobby Association

Brenda Stratton:  Carol and I had so much fun watching Kim that day. She was worried the publishers weren’t going to like her designs, and they actually wound up fighting over them…all in good fun, of course! It was hilarious, and heart-warming at the same time. We knew she was going to be a star!

DeAnn:  …..and began designing when she was 8 years old. Kim’s Mom

Kim GuzmanOh, my mom’s here!

Cyndye: LOL…everyone sit up and behave.

Kim Guzman: Now, aren’t you glad you got dressed for the occasion, Cynde?

Cyndye: LOL…yes ma’am!!!

Laurinda : Wait?! We’re supposed to be dressed? Who else is still in their robe & PJs?

Cyndye: Gee Laurinda, at least pin your robe closed. LOL

Carrie:  If I’m just lurking can I stay in my jammies? lol

Laurinda: :”) Isn’t that the point of working from home? Apologies to “mom” for my inappropriate dress. tehe.

Shonie: Hi kim I was wondering, how do you create your own patterns? What I mean by this is where would someone begin. Also do you worry about weather someone else could have designed the pattern already?

Kim Guzman: I started out by writing patterns on my original website to get feedback. Then, I studied lots of patterns to learn how to write patterns. I worked very hard to mimic the same writing style. A design is your own if you designed it from start to finish. Even if there are patterns out there that happen to be similar, if you designed it, you designed it. So, no, I don’t worry about that part.

Joyce:  I have many ideas in my head. But taking the time to get them down on paper, and do swatches, is so boring. I just want to crochet. Any suggestions?

Kim Guzman:  No, I’m sorry. No suggestions there. I hate the boring bits too. It would be awesome if I could just sit and design. That’s the fun part of the job. The rest takes a lot of dedication.

Bendy:  You might consider becoming a stitcher for a designer.

Laurinda:  My only suggestion is to work on more than one thing at time. Have something you can just stitch on mindlessly, between doing the “boring” math, etc..

Joyce:  I know I need to persevere. Any I overthink things too much. Thanks for the suggestions.

Lorene:  that’s it Laurinda, encourage the crazy, lol. I have way too many wips already.

Susan: I have so many ideas, but getting them made and written is time consuming- my ideas come faster than I can get them done.

Laurinda: Just watch out. Once you let your “Inner Designer” out, you may not be able to put her back!

Lorene: or shut her the he** up, lol (your own inner designer I mean)

Susan, I am always in the same boat, having a notebook to jot down ideas has helped me a lot

that way I don’t feel AS compelled to make them right away… which means I never finish what I’m working on when I get inspired by the next thing.

Laurinda:  Just take notes on all your ideas. And you can pull them out and further develop them when the time is right. I have too many notebooks

Bendy Carter:  Laurinda, but what do you do when you can’t find your notebooks???

Joyce:  I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this. I do use a notebook, and have many WIPS. One day I’ll have time……

Susan:  Thanks for those suggestions I’m always afraid I’ll forget my ideas. I have lists of designs in mind, but I can’t draw.

Joyce:  I can’t draw either. I want to use those symbol pattern programs, but they seem so complicated. So I push that to another time too.

Susan:  I’ve seen those programs but don’t know if I’d be able to figure it out unless there was an online class for it.

Laurinda:  Yeah Bendy, that’s the problem! LOL. Though I do have 1 main sketch book for new ideas. It’s the to do lists in the other 6 notebooks I keep losing

Lorene:  I LOVE my stitchworks software.. it is pretty easy to figure out.

there is an video to teach you how on the website

Joyce: I just keep rewriting them to new To Do lists.

Is n’t that the one that Brian ____made, and Kim and Wheat worked on? I’d love to try that one.

A video sounds good. Ok, that’s going to the top of the TO DO list!

Roxanne: Lorene where did you find the stitch software

Susan: Thanks Lorene, I may try it, and then Ill pester you when I’m stuck. LOL Maybe you could do a tutorial on it on your show.

Joyce:  I just googled stitchworks software and it comes up.

Laurinda:  I downloaded the free tester version awhile back, but never took the time to really figure it out, because I needed some unusual symbols. But need to give it another try.

Lorene:  You can make up your own stitches Laurinda.

Roxanne: Wow I just took a peak at the software that’s really excellent!! I’m so old school being I’m 61 and not up to all the new technology! Only thing is I wish it was available for my tablet android galaxy 10.0

Amy Roberts Shelton:  I also have the Stitchworks Software. I love the concept of it, and it seems to be excellent software. I just haven’t had time to play with it and use it, although I have some upcoming designs that I hope to be using it for.

Roxanne: When creating a new design I often break out my sewing patterns and use those as a guide for my patterns then I select my stitch that I want to use. I then choose a yarn and crochet hook and do a gushed sample to give me the proper amount of chain stitches I need! Its all in the math. Kim, what is your response to this and can you give me any tips as to how you would do it? I meant to say do a gauge sample.

Alaina: love this idea Roxanne

Roxanne: I have used this technique for years! I found it works! For a. Little girls cardigan measure the front panels and say they are 14 inches then do the same with the back, now you just have to use the yarn you selected and its gushed this should give you the correct amount of chain you need to match the sewing pattern, I hope I’m saying this clear enough, my question to Kim is there a better way to create your own design?

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About Kim Guzman

Kim Guzman has been designing crochet patterns for over 30 years. She’s had a major online presence since she created her first website in 1998: She’s had designs published in many of the major crochet magazines including Crochet!, Crochet World, and Interweave Crochet. Kim has also had a number of popular leaflets published by Aleene’s Creative Living, Annie’s, and Leisure Arts. You can find her self-published designs on her Kimane Designs website. For more information on all her designs, including a listing of all her published books, please visit her main website. You can also keep up with Kim on Facebook on her crochet designer page.

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