Chat with Crochet Designer Kim Guzman, Part 2

Kim Guzman

Here is the official transcript from Crochetville’s live chat with crochet designer Kim Guzman that took place on our Facebook page on Friday, October 25. Questions are in no particular order. We had so many questions that I’ve had to divide this blog post up into multiple parts. Links to all the parts can be found at the end of this post.

(Note: Text appears as it was entered during the live chat.)

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Transcript of Live Chat with Crochet Designer Kim Guzman, Part 2 of __

Jessie:  Hi Kim! Do you prefer to focus your work with just one or two publishers (yarn co, magazines, et) or do you like to work with many?

Kim Guzman:  I am not picky. I work with anyone. But, I do find myself working with only one or two publishers for long periods of time. It’s easier to handle when I’m working for only one or two at a time. Gets kinda crazy when I’m dealing with too many differences in pattern writing and deadlines.

Jessie:  What’s your favorite “keeping organized” tip?

Cyndye:  Great question!! As Kim knows…mine is all over the place. I want to know too!!

Kim Guzman:  I am the last person you should ask for organizational skills. I have none. ha!

Becky:  Pass the drinks girls!

Susan:  You accomplish so much, I’m surprised to hear you say that your not that organized.

Bendy:  Curious, I am extremely disorganized myself, is any designer attending here organized?

Kathryn:  Not me…. I try, but then I get busy designing and it all goes south.

Erin:  Um – tend to have two to three projects going at one time, I keep each one in a seperate tote bag and keep all my stash yarns by brand and type in clothes hampers in my closet. That’s as organized as I get. Hi Bendy!

Becky:  Don’t feel so bad about my yarn stash now!

Lorene:  good question Jessie.

Cyndye:  I am not EVEN going to talk about my stash. And Kim had better keep mum!

Brenda:  Ha, Cynde…your stash sounds like mine. I sometimes get asked about it, but I try to avoid answering.

Cyndye:  We aren’t going to discuss the garage.

Brenda:  Me, either…or the basement.

Susan:  Not me. I usually know what pile my pattern notes are in and what bag my projects are in- if that counts as organized- LOL

Laurinda:  Not me. My mom arrived for a visit the other night, and I was showing her my latest WIPs all arranged around my “comfy work chair”, and realized there are at least 10! Ack!

I am just trying a new system with a little index card binder I got a the $store. Making one card for each WIP with the title and general details. Plan to put those with upcoming deadlines on my bulletin board, and then can paper clip the cards to a folder or plastic sleeve with all the notes and swatches from each project. Still working out the system. But I have ideas!

Erin: I use 1 notebook and write full pattern as I crochet and make adjustments or corrections at the same time writing it all down cause I would never remember just notes. I start with complete yarn info, materials, gauge, stitches used, the start the pattern and crocheting at the very beginning. Sometimes – find I have to change hook sizes and when I do I start over with the gauge and the crochet piece. I have to keep this organized or I would never complete the pattern. Then I type it up making any gramar pattern changes

Jennifer:  I make a TON of personalized blankets like the one pictured… make my own graphs for them etc… I’ve never been good at pricing though …. any help with that??

Kim Guzman: I’ve never sold finished projects, but I believe I would first do a lot of research online to see how other similar items are priced, remembering that personalized items always have a higher price for personalization.

Joanne: Do u crochet doilies? Have u created any?

Kim Guzman: I don’t think I’ve designed any doilies. But, I did go through a doily phase and made a doily every single day. My first published book was a book of thread tree skirts, which are sort of doily-ish.

Joanne:  I find substituting yarn is difficult even with using yarn standards- do u have any suggestions?

Kim Guzman: Try reading some of my posts on gauge on my blog. It’s quite a bit of information.

Shonie: how long have you been designing crochet patterns and what got you into it?

Kim Guzman: I started designing when I was 8 years’ old. I started writing patterns in 1998. I began designing originally because my grandmother didn’t tell me there were patterns. I had no idea until I was in my 20s.

Shonie: Wow sounds like you have been working hard

Roxanne: Sounds familiar! I started making doll clothes, for Barbie, Betsy Wetsy and the big Patty playpal doll.

Shonie: I was just wondering about how long does it talk you to design your patterns on average?

Kim Guzman: It really depends on the design. An afghan, for instance, may take me an hour to actually design and write up but it takes me three to five days to stitch up.

Shonie: Thanks so much all this has helped me. I hope you have a good time chatting with other I need to head out I have places be

Susan: Wow! You must be really fast to design and write a pattern in an hour. Formatting my patterns takes me FOREVER, and to make an afghan in only a few days- WOW…

Amy Roberts Shelton: Kim’s been doing this for so long, she’s developed excellent layout and formatting skills! She probably has a standard template with the major formatting done already, and into which she can just type in the information for the new pattern.

Jennifer: I just wanted to say thank you so much for having such great patterns!!! I’ve made many a mommy/mommy-to-be smile by giving them a personalized baby blanket using your amazing pattern!! Very easy to follow!! Thank you again!!

Kim Guzman: Thank you so much.

Ann: Do you write patterns for all of your designs?

Kim Guzman:  Yes, I write patterns for every single one of my designs. You never know whether I may sell them or not.

Teena: Kim, hi! I am Teena and I crocheted a few things waaaay back in the day in high school and Girl Scouts.

I just saw your awesome website and the dropped stitch pattern book on your website.

My questions:

1. What level crocheter can accomplish the dropped stitch?

2. Are there online videos for the stitch technique?

3. Are there instructions for measuring and getting the right gauge and how do you adjust hook size to correct gauge issues?

4. If you were in Concord I had a blast and joined the CGOA.

Forgive me if someone already asked these questions or if they are the wrong questions. Thanks!

Kim Guzman: 1. The dropped stitch technique itself can be accomplished by an adventurous beginner. Some of the stitch patterns in the book are pretty challenging and would need more experience.

2. I have a video for the basic stitch at

Sadly, I was not in Concord.

Teena: Thanks!!! Love that stitch!!! Sorry you missed Concord. It was a blast…and that was just the retail booth area…lol!!!

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About Kim Guzman

Kim Guzman has been designing crochet patterns for over 30 years. She’s had a major online presence since she created her first website in 1998: She’s had designs published in many of the major crochet magazines including Crochet!, Crochet World, and Interweave Crochet. Kim has also had a number of popular leaflets published by Aleene’s Creative Living, Annie’s, and Leisure Arts. You can find her self-published designs on her Kimane Designs website. For more information on all her designs, including a listing of all her published books, please visit her main website. You can also keep up with Kim on Facebook on her crochet designer page.

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