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This year our theme is The Crochet Concert and we are celebrating music as creative inspiration. Each featured designer’s showcase will include an “Opening Act” (a quick or easy pattern); “Intermission” (the designer’s favorite crochet tools, yarn, or books); a “Showstopper” (an impressive or unique pattern); and “Designer’s Choice” (any pattern of the designer’s choice).

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About Christine Naugle

Our featured designer of the day is Christine Naugle of Sweet Potato 3. The best place to get Christine’s patterns is in her Etsy shop SweetPotato3Patterns; you can also find them on Ravelry, LoveCrafts and Ribblr.

Hey everyone, Christine, here! I am the designer behind Sweet Potato 3 crochet patterns. Everyone has their own story about learning to crochet and each one makes it a fun and meaningful craft. For me, the love was passed down from my Great Grandmother. She was amazing and I will never forget how her hands would work with the yarn and thread to create amazing pieces of art that are still treasured by all those that were fortunate enough to receive one of her masterpieces.

I began designing my own patterns in 2011 and haven’t looked back. I keep plugging along whenever I can work in a few minutes from my “real” job. I am fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home-mom. I have 3 energetic, busy, fun and loving kids and a supportive husband that I cherish. They are my pride and joy and will always be my top priority in life.

Here are a few other tidbits about me:

  • I grew up on a potato farm in eastern Idaho and currently live in one of the most beautiful mountain towns of Idaho.
  • I have my bachelors degree in Social Science and Public Affairs.
  • Before being a stay at mom I was a manager in the corporate world.
  • I have received multiple awards for providing customer service, including a trip to company headquarters to schmooze with CEO’s.
  • My family spends the weekends camping, hiking, biking, white water rafting, kayaking or downhill skiing.

I love crocheting, but what I love the most, is designing.


Christine’s NatCroMo Special – 50% off select patterns

Christine’s Special for Our Readers

I would love to offer those following the Blog Tour 50% off of my featured patterns today including the Music To My Soul Ebook, Interchangable Wildlife Ebook, Hidden Pocket Cowl, Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set, Winter Wishes Scarf and the Easter Egg Pocket with Bunny & Chick pattern. Discount will be available in my Ravelry and Etsy Shop, use code CROCHETMONTH, discount will be available March 2 through March 7, 2021. You may use this Etsy coupon link to automatically apply the discount on Etsy.

Christine’s Creative Inspiration

Is music a source of inspiration for your crochet creativity? Or do you listen to music while you crochet? If so, tell us about it. If not, what is something else that helps fuel your creative inspiration?

I have always felt that music is an important part of life. The best way to appreciate music is to play an instrument. Growing up I took piano lessons for 5 years. Now as a Mom, all 3 of my children play an instrument. I wanted to emphasize to my children how much I love that they all play an instrument. Therefore I combined my crochet skills and came up with the Music to My Soul Blankets.

I designed a blanket for each of them that showcased the instrument that they played. I let them pick the colors of their blankets and let them help decide the angles in the blankets as well. As I crocheted them each of my kids was full of excitement to see the progress each day. I love that they all understand the importance of music and finding your inner beat.

Can you recommend one or two songs/pieces of music you find inspirational?

Growing up in the country and living in a mountain town I have always loved country music but there is a little love of rock in my too. My family has recently moved, taking a few big risks with career changes and new schools for our kids. We have enjoyed the transition and have grown closer as a family, but the song that really speaks to us right now is “Starting Over” by Chris Stapleton. We love the line, “I can be your lucky penny, You can be my four-leaf clover.”

Christine Naugle’s Designer Showcase

Music to My Soul Blankets – crochet patterns by Christine Naugle

The Opening Act

Pattern name: Music To My Soul Blankets

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: As mentioned earlier in the blog tour, I believe music is so important. This ebook includes 3 musical instrument blankets that were designed for my children. Each one has a special place in my heart. The pattern includes a chart but is made using a unique stitch that perfectly aligns, the best part, it works up twice as fast as a single crochet blanket. The blankets are about 40″ wide by 50″ tall. These blankets are a great idea for anyone of any age, they make great Mother or Father’s Day gifts, graduation, retirement, Christmas or just about any other occasion.


Tell us about one (or more) of your favorite crochet-related items.

Hmm, my favorite crochet related item? I had to think about this for a while and honestly I kept coming back to thinking about YOU! That is right, the crochet community is my favorite part about being involved in crochet. I love working along side great companies, amazing and sweet designers who have become great friends and so many of the nicest crochet enthusiasts.

As a designer, hearing from those who have used your patterns or from someone who has learned a new technique or stitch from you is the best reward. I love to design but it wouldn’t be near as rewarding without meeting so many amazing people. So, without being too overly sappy, my favorite crochet item is all of YOU!

Interchagneable Wildlife Blankets – crochet patterns by Christine Naugle

The Showstopper

Pattern name: Interchangeable Wildlife Blankets

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: One of the biggest compliments is when someone makes one of your blankets. I also love to see when they take your design and do something to make it their own. But, so many people are nervous about changing anything. I designed the Interchangeable Wildlife Blankets to encourage crocheters to do just that. This ebook includes 3 different pieces: (1) the main silhouette panel that features the animals, (2) the textured side panels that feature striking cables and (3) the corner squares.

Each of these pieces can be interchanged with one another so that you can create your own masterpiece. These blankets are lovely and unique and you will be so proud of your finished piece.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set – crochet patterns by Christine Naugle

Designer’s Choice

Pattern name: Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: There are so many different crochet designs out there so when coming up with ideas I try to feature amazing textures to make my patterns stand out. One of my favorite textures is seen in my Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set. This super fun blanket has been so popular, it includes multiple videos to help with some of the stitches and techniques used. The set includes the blanket, the small lovey and the stuffed teddy bear pattern.

More than Blankets…

I have shared a few of my favorite designs from the past few years and they have all been blankets. However, I design many other things as well. Some of my favorite things to design are also hats, cowls, scarves, wraps and a few baby items and stuffed animals.

This last fall I designed a Hidden Pocket Cowl that is so fun and easy. It is a little Sweet Potato 3 spin off of the popular Pocket Scarves, you will love it, especially if you prefer the ease and warmth of wearing cowls. You can find more about the Hidden Pocket Cowl on my blog or clicking HERE:

The Winter Wishes Scarf pattern has been a hit all year long. You get the warmth of a full scarf but only need to make half of it-gotta love that! The scarf has a fun and easy texture that you will love. Find more about this top-selling design by clicking HERE:

If you love quick projects for the holidays, I just released this darling Easter Egg Pocket with a small Bunny & Chick pattern, find all the good info on this pattern by clicking HERE:

I also love to teach others about crochet. I have a fun and quick pattern that was designed when I was working on a crochet course. It helps demonstrate the basic single crochet stitch and how you can create different textures just by where you place the stitch. This FREE Coffee Cozy Sweater crochet pattern can be found by clicking HERE:

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    I purchased Grandioso Guitar Blanket Crochet Pattern $5 through Etsy. American Express shows the purchase went through.
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