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You’ve arrived at the annual NatCroMo Designer Blog Tour 2022! It’s a virtual celebration of National Crochet Month with new blog content daily throughout March, including featured crochet designers, pattern showcases, free patterns, coupons, discounts, giveaways, and more. This year’s theme is Pawprints on Our Hearts, so we’ll talk about our pets – furry, feathered, and scaly!

Today’s featured designer of our NatCroMo Designer Blog Tour 2022 is Courtney Whitehead of Creations by Courtney. In addition to showcasing some of her crochet patterns, she tells us about different pets she has had throughout her life.

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About Courtney

Creations by Courtney is the destination for discovering crochet garments & accessory patterns for curating your handmade closet.

Courtney first learned to crochet and knit as a child when taught by her mother, but she was hooked by crochet in college when she gave it another try. She crocheted winter accessories and occasional blankets while in graduate school and living in Chicago until 2010. Through her husband’s encouragement, Creations by Courtney was officially started in 2011 creating custom crochet pieces, and transitioned to designing crochet patterns in 2017. When not designing and crocheting, she is busy with her online private practice, and her husband, son and twin daughters.

Courtney is most excited creating women crochet garments and accessories that can be colorful, textured, and created with minimal seaming and unique shaping. Since every body is beautiful, all Creations by Courtney crochet garments are size-inclusive, and meant to be worn for many occasions to proudly show off a crocheter’s talent. Accessory patterns range from hats and headbands to totes and shawls that are functional and stylish.

Courtney’s Pets

Tell us about your pets!

As a child, I grew up with several pet dogs, fish, a dwarf rabbit, and three chickens. Each of our dogs were special companions that I enjoyed visiting when I would return to my parents’ home during holiday breaks from college and graduate school.

As an adult, my first dog was adopted with my husband-to-be two months before our wedding, and we named him Reese, just like the candy. He was an energetic, blue-eyed mix of a hound and a Catahoula Leopard, that thought he was a large dog. He was a great companion for my father during my first pregnancy and I was unable to attend to his needs in the same capacity. Reese is now an older dog that was re-homed to a young couple with an infant when the demands of my day career intensified.

Currently, my 5-year old twin daughters often ask my husband for a dog, but we plan to wait until they are little older to get a new furry companion.

Favorite Crochet Reference

What is one of your favorite crochet reference books or websites that is one of your go-to sources for crochet information?

One of my favorite crochet reference books is “The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet” by Margaret Hubert. This was the first large crochet reference book I purchased when I started crocheting more frequently in graduate school, as it covers the basics of crochet, crochet hooks, yarn weights, and more complex stitches that include Tunisian crochet.

Cedar Mill Tunisian Poncho {Crochet pattern by designer Courtney Whitehead}

Design Showcase: Cedar Mill Tunisian Poncho

Pattern name: Cedar Mill Tunisian Poncho

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: The Cedar Mill Tunisian Poncho is created from simple shapes that are constructed in a unique way. This crochet pattern uses two tunisian stitches and a long color change yarn to create an eye-catching and flattering striping effect. With a few sizing options, you can make the Cedar Mill Tunisian Poncho the perfect length to layer during chilly days.

Making Waves Waistcoat {Crochet pattern by designer Courtney Whitehead}

Design Showcase: Making Waves Waistcoat

Pattern name: Making Waves Waistcoat

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: The Making Waves Waistcoat features a reversible faux cable that creates a stunning vest. With a generous length, this waistcoat can be layered with a top and jeans, over dresses, and any season.

Stacy Sunhat {Crochet pattern by designer Courtney Whitehead}

Design Showcase: Stacy Sunhat

Pattern name: Stacy Sunhat

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: The Stacy Sunhat was inspired by my friend, Stacy, whom is a thyroid cancer survivor. This hat was designed for the annual Cancer Challenge to bring awareness to this disease. As a sunhat with a large brim, it offers additional shade from the sun to cover the face and a portion of one’s shoulders. This hat is made for making a statement, and displaying confidence.

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