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Crochet Foundry is a digital crochet magazine featuring modern designs that are size-inclusive. Each issue features 7 designs by some of the top designers in crochet.

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Today on The Crochet Concert Blog Tour – our way of celebrating National Crochet Month – we are featuring Crochet Foundry, the magazine that brings you gorgeous, modern, size-inclusive garment designs. If you haven’t yet heard of Crochet Foundry, you’re in for a treat!

How is Crochet Foundry special?
“We are the only magazine that always offers 9 sizes of every design. With our Gauge Guide, Style Guide, and Custom Fit Guide you are sure to have success with each of our patterns. Each issue is painstakingly curated from the colors we choose to our theme and the layout of each issue. Each issue also includes recipes for either self-care, food, or beverages that go hand-in-hand with our theme,” says designer and founder Lorene Eppolite.

Will I be able to make these gorgeous patterns?
Crochet Foundry features designs for all skill levels. Most of the designs are in the skilled beginner to intermediate level, but there are also some beginner patterns as well as more advanced patterns.

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Crochet Foundry Annual Subscription

Each subscription includes 4 issuses, one each season. You will get a new issue every 3 months for a year. You will also get our gauge guide, Gauge Matters, as well as a Style Guide and Custom Fit Guide for each of the four issues.

The Spring issue is already out, so if you subscribe now, you’ll be able to download it right away. Use coupon code crochetville in your cart to save 20% off.

Single Issues Available

You can also purchase single issues of the magazine, style guides, and fit guides.

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Spring 2021 Issue
Winter 2020 Issue
Fall 2020 Issue
Summer 2020 Issue

Style Guide for Each Issue

The Crochet Foundry team has put together styling tips (for each issue) on how to get the most out of your newly finished project garment! We hope this inspires or helps you to find new ways to wear, accessorize, and enjoy all of your hard work. We want you to LOVE what you make from this magazine.

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Fit Guide for Each Issue

The Team at Crochet Foundry knows that the ability to customize your clothing is one of the most appealing reasons to crochet your own wearables! With that in mind, we have designed an easy guide (for each issue) for you to refer to when deciding how to best create each garment for your perfect fit.

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Purchase a year subscription to Crochet Foundry now, and your yearly subscription will begin with the Spring 2021 issue and will continue through Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Winter 2021. Use coupon code crochetville in your cart to save 20% off.

Gallery: Crochet Foundry Spring 2021 Designs

Any closing thoughts?
“We do our best to listen to all of our follower’s requests and suggestions to bring new things to Crochet Foundry. We are working on adding so much more and we can’t wait to share it with our audience,” says Lorene Eppolite.

Back Issues of Crochet Foundry
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