Announcing the NatCroMo Blog Tour 2020

The NatCroMo Blog Tour is Back!

After a two-year hiatus, the NatCroMo Blog Tour has returned! This year we’re celebrating National Crochet Month with our blog tour theme: crochet memories. Each day of March we’ll feature a crochet designer, teacher, and hobbyist on our blog, where we’ll ask them to share some crochet memories as well as showcase a select few of their crochet designs, classes, and projects. Join us here throughout March to celebrate crochet!

How to Follow the NatCroMo Blog Tour

To read the our daily interviews with crochet designers, teachers, and hobbyists throughout the month of March, you can visit our NatCroMo Blog Tour feed page where all new blog tour posts will appear. Or you can follow Crochetville on Facebook where we will give daily links.

How to Be On the NatCroMo Blog Tour

If you are a crochet designer, teacher, or hobbyist and want to be featured on the NatCroMo Blog Tour, go to our sign-up calendar to reserve your spot. Then you will fill out either the Designer Questionnaire, the Teacher Questionnaire, or the Hobbyist Questionnaire at least 4 days prior to your reserved day. (For those of you signing up for the for any of the first few days of the blog tour, I understand you may need more time since we are opening sign-ups later than planned. Go ahead and sign up and just get in touch with us so we can work within your schedule.)

Promote the NatCroMoBlog Tour

Everyone is welcome to use our media kit to promote the NatCroMo Blog Tour.

If you are a designer or teacher featured on the NatCroMo Blog Tour, we ask that (at a minimum) you promote the blog tour on your reserved day by publishing a post on your blog or by posting on social media.

We hope everyone enjoys
celebrating National Crochet Month
with Crochetville in March 2020!

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