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The NatCroMo Blog Tour is Back!

After a two-year hiatus, the NatCroMo Blog Tour has returned! This year’s blog tour theme is crochet memories. We will celebrate National Crochet month with our Crochet Memories NatCroMo Blog Tour 2020. Each day of March we will feature a crochet designer and a crochet hobbyist. Please join us here throughout March to celebrate crochet!

How to Follow the NatCroMo Blog Tour

To read the our daily interviews with a crochet designer and crochet hobbyist throughout the month of March, you can visit our NatCroMo Blog Tour feed page where all new blog tour posts will appear. Or you can follow Crochetville on Facebook where we will give daily links.

How to Be On the NatCroMo Blog Tour

If you are a designer or crochet hobbyist and want to have your crochet work featured on the NatCroMo Blog Tour, here’s what you need to do.

  • Visit the NatCroMo Sign-Up Calendar (link coming soon), choose an available day, and sign up to reserve your spot.
  • Fill out the NatCroMo Questionnaire (either the Designer Questionnaire (link coming soon) or the Hobbyist Questionnaire (link coming soon), as appropriate) at least 4 days prior to your reserved day.
  • Promote the NatCroMo Blog Tour. Check out our media kit, which contains images you may use.
    • Designers: On your reserved day, either (1) publish a post on your blog to celebrate National Crochet Month and promote the NatCroMo Blog Tour or (2) promote the NatCroMo Blog Tour on social media. Or do both! Of course, you can also promote the blog tour on social media any time before or after your reserved day.
    • Hobbyists: (optional) You are also welcome to promote the blog tour if you have a blog or if you participate in social media.

Let’s Celebrate Crochet!

We hope everyone enjoys celebrating National Crochet Month with us in March 2020!