Crochet Pattern Round-Up: Jenny King, part 2 of 2

Crochet Pattern Round-Up: Jenny King, part 2 of 2

Today’s crochet pattern round-up features my good friend designer Jenny King from Australia. I browsed through all of her patterns looking for designs that would be perfect for spring and summer crocheting. I found so many great designs that I ended up having to make two photo collages. Yes, Jenny is just that great.


Please check out Jenny’s website, Jenny King Designs, and her Facebook page. Don’t forget to give the Facebook page a like so you can keep up with all her newest ideas.

Since Jenny is Australian, many of her patterns are available only in British terminology, which is standard in Australia. Her designs are so fabulous that it’s worth printing  out the patterns and marking them up in US terminology, though. I’ll provide a note after each link below to let you know whether the pattern contains British or US terminology or perhaps both.

1. City Chic – US and City Chic – British

2. Haley – US

3. Mooloolaba Shells – US

4. Abigail – US and  Abigail – British

5. Pink Dress – British

6. Vogue Motif in Black – British

7. Rick Rack Cardigan – US


Click on over to Part 1 to see these fabulous designs:

Jenny King Crochet Pattern Round-Up

Photo Disclaimer: All photos copyright Jenny King Designs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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