Crochetville’s 2015 NatCroMo Designer Blog Tour: All the Info in One Place

Crochetville is pleased to announce our third annual Designer Blog Tour in honor of National Crochet Month. The month will be full of daily giveaways, special freebies, and posts featuring some of your favorite crochet designers. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Keep reading for all the details.

Designers: Sign Up to Participate

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2015 Designer Blog Tour is FULL.  The Informaton Form should only be filled out by designers who have a confirmed date on our official schedule. If you are not on this year’s schedule but would like to receive information about the 2016 Designer Blog Tour, please send us an email with a subject line of: 2016 Designer Blog Tour Info Request.

Please read through all the information below about the National Crochet Month Designer Blog Tour. If you decide you’d like to participate, please do the following:

1. Select your preferred date using the link found on our Sign-Up page. (All spots have been filled.)

2. Fill out your information using our Information Form and submit to us no later than noon CST 5 days prior to your scheduled date. (Example: For a blog tour date of March 1, please submit this form by noon CST on February 24.)

Space in the blog tour is limited, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible for the best chance of getting your preferred date. (All spots have been filled.)

SPECIAL NOTE: If you distribute (for free or for sale) patterns featuring popular characters, sports team names/logos, corporate logos, or any intellectual property belonging to a third party, we will only be able to accept you into the blog tour if you have official licensing arrangements or other permission from the third party intellectual property owners.


Featured Designer Posts

Each day of the tour, visit our blog to see a special post about one or two of some of the best designers in the crochet industry today. We’ll share some interesting info and tidbits about each designer, photos of a couple of their designs, and perhaps even a sneak peek at what you’ll find on their National Crochet Month post on their own blog that day. Some designers may even be offering special freebies on their blogs. We will give you a link to each designer’s blog or website so it will be super-easy for you to find their special posts in honor of National Crochet Month.

Daily Giveaways

Red Heart Yarns Logo

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Red Heart Yarns, each day of the month we will have a giveaway for one lucky person to be selected to receive up to $25 worth of Red Heart Yarns. Check the schedule at the end of this post to see what you can win each day of the month.

Winners will be selected by a random drawing. Winners will need to provide us with a valid mailing address which we will submit to Red Heart so they can send your prize package to you.


Crochet Guild of America


Many of the designers participating in the tour are Professional or Associate Professional members of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). CGOA offers a national conference each year with an extensive list of crochet classes, an annual Design Competition, a Professional Development Day, and a Master of Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques program. Hundreds of local chapters around the country provide crocheters additional opportunities to learn about crochet and advance their skills. Other member benefits include a subscription to Crochet! magazine, a private email discussion group for members, and discounts to online retailers and classes at our Chain Link conferences. Please consider joining the organization and help us in our mission to advance the art of crochet and continue crochet skills into the next generation.





Charity Project: Halos of Hope

 Halos of Hope Logo

Halos of Hope is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to providing volunteer-crafted hats to cancer centers across the country. The founder of Halos of Hope, Pam Haschke, is herself a survivor of inflammatory breast cancer. As a result of her experiences, she has a passion for helping make sure cancer patients around the country have access to free handmade stylish hats to keep their heads warm while they undergo cancer treatment.

During National Crochet Month, we are collecting hats for Halos of Hope. We hope you will join us in support of this wonderful organization and make at least one hat and/or make a financial donation directly to Halos.

Helpful Links:

Guidelines for hat sizes, yarn to use

Links to suggested patterns

[box style=”rounded”]Donate Hats to Halos of Hope

Mail to:
Crochetville LLC
103 Scarlet Oak Circle
Harvest, AL 35749


What I really like about Halos is that 100% of donations received from the general public are used only for the costs of shipping hats across the country. All administrative and other costs are covered by private corporate donations.

$10 sends 31 hats ~ $25 sends 80 hats ~ $100 sends 331 hats

If you would like to make a donation to Halos of Hope, please click the link below to go directly to their site.



Don’t Miss Anything:

The 2015  Designer Blog Tour will be filled with fun and excitement every day during the month of March. You aren’t going to want to miss a thing. If you visit our blog every day, you’ll be sure not to miss a thing.

However, if you’re like us, your schedule is super busy and you have about a million different things to remember. If you don’t want to have to remember to visit our site, you can use one or more of these methods to receive notifications about new posts.

Subscribe to blog posts: You can select to receive an update about each new post in your email or in various newsfeeds

Facebook: Like and Follow our Facebook page and enable Notifications

Twitter: Follow us on Twitter


Designer Schedule:

The schedule will be updated as designers select their preferred tour dates. Keep checking back for updates!

Date Designer #1 Designer #2
March 1 Marie Segares Leslie Stahlhut
March 2 Tammy Hildebrand Akua Lezli Hope
March 3 Shelby Allaho Marty Miller
March 4 Stacy Vaka Dora Ohrenstein
March 5 Lorene Eppolite Jennifer Pionk
March 6 Phyllis Serbes Anastacia Zittel
March 7 Justyna Kacprzak
March 8 RaeLynn Orff Sonya Blackstone
March 9 Ann Mancini-Williams Deborah Bagley and Dana Bincer
March 10 Jennifer E Ryan Julie Yeager
March 11 Amanda Saladin Kathy Kelly
March 12 Jessie Rayot Lori Carlson
March 13 Laura Krzak Betty Hechtman
March 14 Luz Mendoza Michelle Ferguson
March 15 Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten …..
March 16 Susan Lowman Carolyn Carleton
March 17 Bonnie Barker Pam Dajczak
March 18 Sara Leighton Abbey Swanson
March 19 Janaya Chouinard
March 20 Susanne Allen
March 21 Kathryn White Ida Herter
March 22 Susan Heyn Alessandra Hayden
March 23 Karen McKenna Rohn Strong
March 24 Michele Maks Angelia Robinson
March 25 Andee Graves Kathy Lashley CGOA: Susan Sullivan
March 26 Jocelyn Sass Rebecca Velasquez CGOA: Tammy Hildebrand
March 27 Brenda Stratton Tamara Kelly CGOA: Susan Lowman
March 28 Linda Dean Marly Bird CGOA: Bobbie Matela
March 29 Amy Shelton Donna Hulka CGOA: Marcy Smith
March 30 Mary Jane Hall Kristin Omdahl CGOA: Kate Steinke
March 31 Karen Ballard Jenny King CGOA: Delma Myers


Giveaway Schedule:

Each day of the month we’ll be giving away a prize package of Red Heart Yarns valued at up to $25. We are still in the process of selecting each day’s specific prize. We expect to have everything selected by March 1.

March 1: 4 skeins of Luster Sheen in color of winner’s choice and 1 set of US 35 knitting needles for broomstick lace; suitable for making the Quadrilateral shawl pattern by Marie Segares, one of today’s featured designers

March 2: 1 skein each of Anne Geddes Baby yarn in Ladybug, Lily, and Night Night; 1 bamboo handle crochet hook in size G; 1 set of Crystallite Stitchpins; 1 set of Steel Yarn Needles; suitable for making the Scarlet Beetle Tank Top and Hat pattern by Tammy Hildebrand, one of today’s featured designers

March 3: 1 skein each of Anne Geddes Baby yarn in Grass, Taffy, and Tangerine; 1 each bamboo handle crochet hook in sizes D, E, and G; suitable for making the Petals Collar pattern by Shelby Allaho, one of today’s featured designers

March 4: 4 skeins of Anne Geddes Baby yarn in color of winner’s choice; 1 size H bamboo handle hook; 1 set of Crystallite Stitchpins; suitable for making the Dolled Up Blouse pattern by Stacy Vaka, one of today’s featured designers

March 5:

March 6:

March 7:

March 8:

March 9:

March 10:

March 11:

March 12:

March 13:

March 14:

March 15:

March 16:

March 17:

March 18:

March 19:

March 20:

March 21:

March 22:

March 23:

March 24:

March 25:

March 26:

March 27:

March 28:

March 29:

March 30:

March 31:


Additional Blog Tour Information:

Icons via and


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