Customized Name Labels for Your Crochet Projects


You may have noticed a new advertiser in our sidebar: NameTapes and Labels, a company based in Sweden. The company recently sent me some samples of their labels so I can give you my personal opinion about their quality. I’m happy to say that the labels are very nice. If I made a lot of items that needed the Crochetville name in them, I’d be happy to use these labels.

If you make a lot of crochet items that you sell or give away to others, customized name labels can be a very nice addition to your items. First, I’m going to show you some samples so you can see for yourself how nice these look, then I’ll list all the options available to customize your labels.

I’d like to show you some samples of the name tapes:


10 mm name tape



15 mm name tape



25 mm name tape




You can customize your name tapes with many different options:

  • Style (font)
  • Tape color
  • Text color
  • Text
  • Symbol (optional; choose from provided options)
  • Method for attachment

They even offer a crochet symbol:



When you design your label, you get a preview image. Here is what I designed:


Pretty nifty, huh? This one is 10 mm wide. The price for 100 labels is $27.98 and shipping is FREE!


If you’re interested in learning more about the Taggit system, here’s a video that shows how to use it:




Find NameTapes and Labels on the Internet

NameTapes and Labels website



All photos copyright NameTapes and Labels. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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