Dishcloth Crochet Pattern Round-Up: Maggie’s Crochet

Today’s crochet pattern round-up features a 73 different dishcloths available from our friends over at Maggie’s Crochet. Some are free; some you have to buy. Some are available individually; others come in a set.



If you’re like me, you prefer crocheted cotton dishcloths over any kind of dishcloth you can purchase in the store. I also find that a dishcloth makes a perfect small pick-me-up gift for a friend and a set of dishcloths makes a perfect birthday, holiday, or shower gift.
A dishcloth is perfect if you get bored with projects quickly, since you’ll be finished before you have time to be bored! They’re also very inexpensive to make, so they won’t break your budget. While crocheted dishcloths may last longer than store-bought ones, they’ll still wear out eventually. Which means you’ll have plenty of time to try all of these wonderful patterns: a total of 73 different washcloth patterns!


Row 1, left to right:

Floral Dishcloth Set: 12 patterns

Soul Heart Dishcloth: 1 FREE pattern

Easter Egg Dishcloth: 1 FREE pattern

Floral Bouquet Dishcloth Set: 7 patterns


Row 2, left to right:

Christmas Star: 1 FREE pattern

Toasted Marshmallow: 1 pattern


Row 3, left to right:

New Year’s Dishcloth: 1 FREE pattern

Shell Dishcloth: 1 FREE pattern


Row 4, left to right:

Dishcloths in the Round: 12 patterns

Sunny Days Dishcloths: 12 patterns

Seaside Dishcloth Set: 12 patterns

Winter Dishcloth Set: 12 patterns



Legal Disclaimers:

All photos are copyright Maggie’s Crochet. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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