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Crochetville has an extensive web presence providing free crochet content to crocheters around the world. Perhaps you have enjoyed:

That’s a lot of social media content to manage each and every day. You may think we have lots of help, but in reality, the vast bulk of the work of running Crochetville falls on the shoulders of  just two people: co-owners Amy Shelton and Donna Hulka. We also appreciate the volunteer efforts of our swap coordinator, our swap hostesses, and our free crochet pattern directory editor.

For years Crochetville’s expenses have been covered by Google and banner ads. However, our dramatic growth over the past year means our limited ad revenue is no longer keeping up with the costs of our servers, social media programs, and staff (just the two of us!). Running Crochetville is the equivalent of a full time job for each of us. We don’t want to charge for the crochet content we offer, but we don’t want to be forced to seek out other full-time jobs either. We want to continue providing you the best crochet content you can find and also be able to bring you even more crochet tutorials and information.

We think our Crochetville community is pretty darn special, and we hope you do, too. We’re a collection of online community gathering spots where crocheters from all around the world can come together to learn from and be inspired by each other.  We’re a place where crocheters can celebrate their crochet efforts, whether they’re just learning or have years of experience, whether they’re hobbyists or crochet professionals and business owners.

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Please note, Crochetville is not a non-profit organization, so your payments are not tax-deductible. We are simply a microbusiness with a large internet presence that needs your help so we can continue to provide you with valuable crochet content for years to come.