Every Crocheter Needs an Instant Pot

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I took advantage of a Black Friday online sale to get myself an incredibly fabulous time-saving device called an Instant Pot DUO60. Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough incredible things about this little device. Every crocheter needs to have one in their crochet toolbox!


No, I’m not crazy! An electric pressure/multi-cooker really should be part of your toolbox! Why? Because it will save you so much time  in the kitchen. I promise, it really will. You can then use all that extra time for crocheting! (A crockpot can also save you a great deal of time, but it has only one function: that of a slow cooker.)

A closer look at the control panel will show you everything you can do in this pot.


Here are some of the things you can do with the Instant Pot:

  • Use as a slow cooker / crockpot
  • Brown, sauté, and simmer
  • Make hard-boiled eggs that slip easily out of their shells to create beautiful deviled eggs
  • Steam things
  • Make your own homemade yogurt
  • Cook at high or low pressure
  • Make a pot roast or ribs in 30 minutes or less instead of many hours of cooking at low temperature in the oven
  • Cook anything involving long, slow cooking in a tiny fraction of the time
  • Use the pre-set features for cooking soup, rice, multigrains, meat/stew, bean/chili, porridge, poultry, and steam

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, I make these fabulous deviled eggs, if I do say so myself. Shallots, capers, tarragon: what’s not to like? Anyway, I’ve always struggled with peeling eggs so, so carefully, only to end up with ugly-looking whites after the shells pull off a bunch of egg. Cook your eggs for 5 minutes in the Instant Pot at low pressure, and the eggs will practically fly out of their shells, all in perfect condition! The Instant Pot is worth it to me for this feature alone! Yes, my deviled eggs are that important to me!

I’ve made several other things as well. A knock-off of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscano: My daughter actually recognized what it was in the pot, without even tasting it or knowing what I was making! Several beef and pork roasts that were fall-apart tender.

Since you can cook most everything in one pot, there is very little clean-up to do. What little clean-up there is can usually easily be done in the few minutes it takes the pot to come up to pressure.

Think you might like an Instant Pot, but you’re worried about converting recipes? There are websites that walk you through all that, but there are also plenty of readily available recipes just for the Instant Pot and other electric pressure cookers. You can find cookbooks, websites, and even Facebook pages and groups dedicated to recipes. I’ll write another post soon with links to some of these sites and some of my favorite recipes so far.

Have I convinced you that you need your own Instant Pot? They come in 5, 6, or 8 quart options, as well as with or without the low pressure option. You can even get bluetooth-enabled ones that you can program with your phone!

[one_third]5-quart Options[/one_third]

[one_third]6-quart Options[/one_third]

[one_third_last]8-quart Options[/one_third_last]




[one_third_last]LUX 6 function not available in 8-quart[/one_third_last]






[one_third]Bluetooth not available in 5-quart[/one_third]


[one_third_last]Bluetooth not available in 8-quart[/one_third_last]

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