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Rules KeyWelcome to Crochetville’s Facebook page! Whether you’re a hobbyist crocheter or a crochet professional, you are welcome here. Our goal is to provide a community for all people who love to crochet. Managing this page and our other websites is a full-time job and can only be done because Crochetville is a business. Thank you for respecting that.

Solicitation in ANY form, no matter how subtle, is not allowed. (See examples further below.) Such posts will be deleted without notice and you may no longer be able to post on our page. If you have a question about whether what you want to post would be considered solicitation, please send us a Message first and ask. We’re always happy to answer questions.

Our page fans have let us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not wish to encounter ads/links/”like my page” posts/promotion/etc. from other businesses while they are on the Crochetville page.

As a courtesy to everyone, we ask that you please follow the page rules we have listed below.


We Encourage Everyone to:

*Post from your personal account.

*Post photos of your projects made for personal use, gifts, or for charity.

*Post only 3 photos at a time so all fans have an equal opportunity for their projects to be noticed.

*Encourage and support fellow fans when they share photos of their projects.

*Share your love of crochet with us!

*If you have a business and you have free patterns available, you may occasionally post a link to one of of your free patterns. The link must go directly to the pattern page on your site and may not be a link to the home page of your site.


What You Should NOT Do:

*Use profanity. We are using filters, and Facebook will hide your post.

*Call others names.

*Post anything that is rude, hurtful, disrespectful or is intended to inflame or cause disruption.

*Post negative comments about another fan’s project.

*Post links to other Facebook pages or groups or to your business sites.

*Post photos that do not belong to you.

*Post links to unlicensed patterns featuring popular characters, sports team logos/names, corporate logos, etc.

*Post photos of projects featuring popular characters, sports team logos/names, corporate logos, etc., as that always results in others posting links to unlicensed patterns.

*Post patterns copyrighted by others.

*Offer to send copyrighted patterns to others or requests for others to send you copyrighted patterns.

*Post links to affiliate programs to which you might belong.


Some Examples of Solicitation:

*Posting from your business page.

*Posting links to other Facebook pages or groups or to your business sites.

*Posting photos or or links to anything you have for sale.

*Posting photos with business watermarks.

*Posting anything designed to generate attention for your business, no matter how subtle you think you’re being.


If You Don’t Like Some of the Things We Post

Our page is designed to provide inspiration and information to crochet hobbyists and crochet professionals. We sometimes post about topics of interest to those who have a crochet-related business. At times, you may see posts that are not of interest to you. We ask that you just scroll on by these posts until you find posts that do appeal to you.

If you don’t like what you see on our page, you’re welcome to let us know about it. The appropriate way to give us your feed back is by using our Contact Us form. That will establish a support ticket that will make sure we see your comments. Please don’t leave the feedback directly on our page, as that tends to start drama and discord. We may not always be able to follow your suggestions, but we do take all fan feedback very seriously.

Because we focus on both crochet-as-a-hobby and crochet-as-a-business, we realize our page may not be a good fit for every crocheter. If you’ve decided our page is not for you, simply Unlike our page and look for another that will be a better fit for you. There’s no need to cause drama by posting on the page that you’re leaving, but we’d be happy to hear from you via private message.


Let’s Keep it FUN!

We know there are many places on Facebook where you can talk about crochet. We are very glad you’ve chosen to join us here. We can’t wait to see your crochet projects and have you join in the conversations taking place on our page!

Thanks for being a part of our crochet community!

Amy and Donna, Crochetville

Credits: Rules Key image by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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