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Amy and Donna, if we send you an item for a giveaway, will you write a review and promote my product?

Since we have such a large reach online, we frequently receive requests of this nature. We are happy to receive books, patterns, hooks, tools, and other products for review purposes. We review products as we are able, and we make no guarantee that we will review any product that we receive. You can read our Review Policies for more information.

As far as giveaways, we are happy to offer a service where we can coordinate a giveaway for you. We will manage and promote the giveaway. All you need to do is send out the product to the winner(s). Please use our Contact Us Form to inquire about pricing for this service.

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Offering Your Own Giveaway

We have a special area of our social community site (not on our Facebook page) where indie businesses can conduct their own giveaways. The giveaway must take place and be managed directly on our forum. Please read our Giveaway FAQ for more information.

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