Gauge and Swatch at STITCHES East 2013, Part 1

Crochetville’s mascots, Gauge the sheep and Swatch the alpaca, attended their first STITCHES East event in November of 2013. Come along with us and check out the adventures they had.

Gauge and Swatch arrived just in time for lunch on set-up day. Perusing the menu at Vivo.
The flatbread was yummy!
Getting a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work supervising everyone else as they set up the booth at Stitches East.
Checking out the book selection.
It’s going to be a long before Swatch can fit in Santa’s suit.
Christmas Tree
We hid in the Christmas tree. It took them a long time to find us.
City Steam Brewery
We went to lunch on Thursday at City Steam Brewery. We tried to sneak a taste of the beer flight, but we weren’t allowed.
Namaste Bag
Glad we got a ride back home in Mom’s Namaste Hermosa bag instead of having to walk!
We were thirsty. Alas, the mugs were empty. We were sad.
The Crochet Dude
We got to meet The Crochet Dude, aka Drew Emborsky. Oh, yeah, and Amy Shelton of Crochetville, aka The Queen of the Crochet Shows.
Halos of Hope
We met Pam Haschke of Halos Of Hope.
Melissa Leapman
We met Melissa Leapman, designer, instructor, and author of countless knit and crochet books.
Fashion Show
We even got to attend the fashion show on Friday night, since we promised to be quiet and behave ourselves.
Fashion Show Dinner
We went to the banquet after the fashion show. No, we really didn’t get to have any wine. We were just pretending. Hope it tasted as good as it smelled!
We were rooming with designer Shari White. We jumped in the middle of all the yarn she had on her bed and enjoyed rolling around in it. Wonder if any of our friends or family members donated fiber for the yarn?

“Wow, we’ve done quite a lot so far,” says Swatch.

“But there’s more fun to come in Part Two,” says Gauge.

Part 2 continues here.

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