Gauge and Swatch at STITCHES East 2013, Part 2

Crochetville’s mascots, Gauge the sheep and Swatch the alpaca, attended their first STITCHES East event in November of 2013. Come along with us and check out the adventures they had.

Did you miss Part 1 of their adventures? Check out Part 1 here.

Booth Banner
Sitting underneath our booth banner.
Nautilus Shawl
Amy had her Nautilus Shawl displayed all nice and pretty, until we decided to roll around in it, too. But it was so nice and soft and made such a nice bed for a nap!
Long Island Livestock
This sheep from the Long Island Livestock Company booth is about to be on his way to our home.
Llama Balls
We also brought some llama balls home as surprises for the cats who didn’t get to come to the show.
Fiesta Yarns
We met Jeannie Randolph of Fiesta Yarns. She had lots of pretty yarns. Even sparkly stuff!
Fresh Stitches
We got to meet Stacey Trock of FreshStitches: adorable crochet amigurumi. She makes wonderful amigurumi patterns. We want to know if she’d like to turn us into amigurumi patterns. We’d be famous!
Cascade Yarn
We got to meet another sheep! We were so excited. Oh, yeah, we also met Shannon Dunbabin of Cascade Yarns. But she’s not a sheep.
Universal Yarn
We got to meet Yonca Ozbilla of Universal Yarn. Maybe we’ll get to visit her next time Amy goes to visit her aunt and uncle in North Carolina.
Margaret Hubert
We got to meet Margaret Hubert, who isn’t much bigger than us, really.
We met Penny Sitler, at her last event on behalf of CGOA and TKGA.
We had to try one one the fabulous crowns designed by Amy. Unfortuntely, it’s still a lot too big for us. We’ve told her we expect to have our own properly fitting crowns by the time of the next show.
Kollage Yarn
We met firecracker Susan Moraca of Kollage Yarns. They’re only 90 minutes down the road from where we live. Maybe we’ll get to see her again soon. We need to get some square crochet hooks made in our size.
Marly Bird
We also met Marly Bird of the Yarn Thing podcast. We hid on top of her head. We won’t say how long it took her to find us!
Project Bag
One of Amy’s friends had a project bag made of out of sheep fabric. We need one! Actually, make that two!
Edie Eckman
We met Edie Eckman. Did you know she and Amy went to the same college, although they were never there at the same time?
Knitters Brat
We saved the best for last. We met Knitters Brat, who keeps Benjamin Levisay and all the other STITCHES Expos people in line.
Tammy's Tunic
Our good friend designer Tammy Hildebrand (whom we met at the Knit & Crochet Show in Concord) couldn’t be there. But her garment, Tammy’s Tunic (available as a free pattern at, was in the fashion show. When the garment came back to our booth, we had to get our picture made with it. We missed Tammy!

“That’s almost the end of our trip. We didn’t want to bore with you photos of breaking down the booth. It was boring enough for us having to sit there and watch everybody else do it.” —Swatch

“We wanted to have lots of photos in the airport and on the plane. But we had to meet the taxi driver at 5:50 AM. Mom wasn’t very awake that early, so she couldn’t convince her to take photos in the airport. The planes were crowded, so she didn’t want to take photos then, either.”  —Gauge

“Okay, y’all. I promise to do a better job of taking airport and airplane photos on the next trip, okay?” —Amy

“Sure. Fine. But you’re probably going to forget by next July when we head out to the Knit and Crochet Show.” —Gauge

“I know. Maybe somebody will hire us for a speaking engagement between now and then. We’re particularly anxious to visit Australia and the UK!” —Swatch

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