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2016 NatCroMo Blog Tour

March is National Crochet Month (NatCroMo). Crochetville is proud to bring you our 4th annual event: the 2016 NatCroMo Blog Tour! Join us for a virtual train tour as we spend every day of the entire month of March visiting some of the people from around the world who add so much creativity and inspiration to the crochet industry!

Based on this year’s experience and our upcoming publicity campaign, we expect that at least 100,000 crocheters will participate in the 2016 NatCroMo Blog Tour.

Steam Train
Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

Come Along and Ride This Train by Johnny Cash
(click link to hear Johnny sing the original song)

I’ve seen some designs that I’d like to share with you,
And I know some yarn stores that I’d like to take you through.
I will show you yarns that I am sure you’d like to see.
Come along and crochet with me.

Come along and ride this train.
Come along and ride this train.

We will visit:





You may discover:





Special Events:




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