Gifts for the Crocheter

Are you looking for gift ideas for the crocheter in your life? You’ve come to the right place. Many of the things on this list are things crocheters would definitely love and use but might not purchase for themselves. (Many crocheters will spend money on others first.) Some items are relatively inexpensive, but would make very cute stocking stuffer gifts.

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Top 15 Gifts for the Crocheter

1. Mini iPad

iPad MiniWhy would a crocheter need an iPad mini? The possibilities are endless.

  • Digital crochet magazine subscriptions help reduce paper waste and clutter around the house.
  • Crochet books in Kindle format  allow the crocheter to always have reference and pattern books available.
  • Store PDF patterns on the iPad and use an app like GoodReader to make notes directly in the pattern.
  • Visit the Crochetville blog, social community site, and Facebook page to interact with other crocheters.
  • Visit Crochetville’s Free Crochet Pattern Directory to get ideas for new projects.

If you have a cell phone plan with unlimited data and you can use your phone as a hot spot, then save money and get the Wi-Fi only version. If you can’t use your phone as a hotspot and you want to be able to get online at any time, get one of the 4G versions. You can usually add an iPad to your cell phone service plan at a very affordable rate, so you may want to double-check to see which cell phone provider your gift recipient uses and purchase the appropriate version.

I use my iPad daily for a number of different reasons related to crochet. I absolutely could not live without it. It’s also quite handy for managing a lot of other things related to your everyday life.

2. Ball Winder

Ball Winder
Currently $28.99

If the crocheter in your life buys a lot of yarn that is packaged in a skein, he or she is going to have to wind it into a ball (or cake) before using it. Yes, you can wind yarn by hand. But if you have a sweater’s or afghan’s worth of yarn to wind, a ball winder makes life much easier!






3. Yarn Swift

Yarn Swift
Currently $54.99

If you have a ball winder, you’re also going to need a yarn swift. Place the opened skein around the swift, attach the end to the yarn winder, and away you go! Much easier than asking someone to hold the yarn around their hands and sit that way for 10-20 minutes or so. And that’s per ball of yarn!








4. Dreamz Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

Dreamz Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hooks
Currently $46.01

This is one of the best Tunisian crochet hook sets I’ve ever tried. The wooden hooks are incredibly smooth and warm to the touch. They’re long enough you can even use them as regular crochet hooks without the end poking in to your hand, whether you use the knife or pencil grip. The cables are sturdy, yet strong and very flexible. The joins are smooth and can be tightened with a “key” so they will never come loose while you’re crocheting yet will come apart easily when you use the key again.





5. Ott Lite Battery Task Lamp

Ott Lite
Currently $29.99

The Ott Lite delivers just the right mix of brightness and contrast so the crocheter can see fine print and stitch details with ease. The Ott Lite provides a low heat, low glare illumination that helps reduce eye strain. While at home, the Ott Lite can be used plugged into a wall outlet. While out and about or while riding as a passenger on a car trip, the rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hours of usage.







6-11. Namaste Crochet and Project Bags

Namaste bags are of such high quality and hold up so well to continuous use that they are prized by crocheters everywhere. The exterior is made from PVC-free animal-friendly faux leather. The interior is made from PET microsuede, an animal-friendly faux suede made from recycled plastic bottles. The bags come in a wide range of colors including eggplant (my favorite), red, espresso, black, lime, caribbean blue, pumpkin spice, and others. Not all products are available in all colors.

Namaste Hermosa
Namaste Hermosa BagCurrently $85
Namaste Boardwalk Backpack
Namaste Boardwalk BackpackCurrently $85
Namaste Devin Wristlet
Namaste Devin Wristlet
Currently $39
Namaste Better Buddy
Namaste Better Buddy
Currently $25
Namaste Skinny Mini
Namaste Skinny Mini
Currently $13.49
Namaste Oh Snap Set
Namaste Oh Snap Set
Currently $21.99


12. Lantern Moon Tape Measures

Lantern Moon Tape Measure
Lantern Moon Tape Measure
Variable prices

These cute little tape measures come in a number of different styles: cat, dog, sheep, ladybug, and many more. Check out all the different versions to pick one that is perfect for your crocheter!






13. Wrapture

Currently $10.11

Crochet work is sometimes delicate and should be hand-washed. The Wrapture scent, developed by crochet designer Kristin Omdahl, contains jasmine oil, a natural antiseptic which is suitable for the most delicate fibers. Wrapture also contains a touch of lanolin to naturally condition fibers. This no-rinse delicate wash cleans and softens all fine washables, not just crochet projects. This bottle contains enough product for 95 hand washes.







14. Gift Certificate to the Crochetville Digital Pattern Store

Still can’t make a decision? Or do you know your crocheter is always on the lookout for new crochet patterns? A gift certificate to the Crochetville digital pattern store is the perfect solution, and can be purchased in any amount of your choice. Gift certificates can also be redeemed for online crochet classes.

15. 10th Anniversary Crochet Retreat

Give your crocheter the gift of a weekend full of nonstop crocheting with a trip to Crochetville’s 10th Anniversary Crochet Retreat in Huntsville, AL on February 27 – March 2, 2014. Download the Registration Brochure here. If your crocheter would want to take classes, print out the registration brochure and give that as the gift. After the crocheter picks out his or her favorite classes, come back and register for the event. Save money by taking advantage of Early Bird Discount Pricing when registering by December 31, 2013.



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