Jennifer E Ryan, Featured Crochet Designer

Welcome to our blog tour! Here at Crochetville, we celebrate National Crochet Month with our NatCroMo Blog Tour. This year, we’re interviewing crochet designers, teachers, and hobbyists throughout March and our theme is crochet memories. You can browse all of this year’s blog tour content on our page NatCroMo Blog Tour 2020.

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About Jennifer E Ryan

Please allow me to introduce our featured designer of the day, Jennifer E Ryan of Celtic Knot Crochet. Jennifer designs Celtic knots, mandalas, yarn bombs, garments (for adults and children), accessories, scarves, cowls, jewelry, home décor, amigurimi, and toys. You can find her patterns in her Etsy shop, Celtic Knot Crochet and on her website, Celtic Knot Crochet. Today Jennifer will share some of her crochet memories with us and we’ll showcase three of her crochet designs.

Jennifer’s Special for Our Readers

As a special treat for the NatCroMo Blog Tour, Jennifer designed two new patterns in honor of National Crochet Month:

The Shawlette will be 50% off for the month of March 2020 – Use discount code NATCROCHET50 in Jennifer’s Etsy shop, Celtic Knot Crochet.

Check out Jennifer’s blog post celebrating National Crochet Month and the tour.

Jennifer’s Crochet Memories

Would you share with us one of your earliest memories of crochet?

All growing up, we had beautiful lacy crocheted doilies and tablecloths from my grandmother all over the house. She passed away before I was born so I never watched her crochet but I am thankful for all of her artwork that always intrigued me.

One lazy summer day my friend, Karen, and I were ‘bored’ and just walking around our neighborhood looking for something to do. I think we were about nine or ten years old. We stopped by one of our elderly neighbor’s homes to say hello and she could sense we were looking for something to do. She offered to teach us how to crochet and since we were both crafty, we jumped at the chance to learn a new skill. So, there we sat on our neighbor’s front steps as she taught us how to chain.

From there we made all kinds of crazy things that we sold to the other kids on our street and I dug out some crochet books that my mom had and taught myself more stitches. I learned how to read patterns but also loved making up my own designs.

Today my friend Karen still crochets and we keep in touch often sharing photos of our crochet and craft projects via text.

Would you share with us one of your memories of becoming a crochet designer?

I went to the Professional Development Day at the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) annual conference (I think it was in 2011) where some very talented and experienced crochet designers gave some information-packed talks – Kristin Omdahl, Lily Chin, and Robyn Chachula. It was a great day and I took copious notes on all I learned about how to become a designer.

I had actually attended to learn some new things about teaching crochet (since I had been teaching locally for a few years) and hadn’t even considered becoming a designer until I heard that day of how attainable it was. After that day I went home and applied all I learned from starting my own blog to creating a name/technique/style that was unique to researching various magazine publishers to compiling my ideas and sending them in to publishers. In less than a year I was designing for multiple magazines and loving the creative outlet it gave me since I was a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of three.

Would you share with us one of your most memorable experiences as a crochet designer?

I went on a crochet trip to Ireland in the summer of 2016 with Annie’s and Craftours as the ‘celebrity instructor’– I loved every minute of the trip. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the participants, sightseeing beautiful Ireland and teaching my Celtic Knot Crochet techniques in 3 workshops. Less than a month before I was asked to go on the tour I had been in Barnes & Noble looking through crochet magazines when I found an ad about these crochet tours to other countries. I remember thinking, “Wow! That would be a wonderful vacation and a dream experience.” It was a special blessing to participate in that tour and is definitely a highlight of my journey as a designer.

Showcase: Crochet Designs by Jennifer E Ryan

Celtic Heart Wall Art

Get the pattern: Celtic Heart Wall Art (on Etsy)

About the pattern: With just a few crocheted cords and simple stitches you can make this beautiful Celtic Knot Heart to hang on your wall or give to a loved one to show them how much you care. To read more about my inspiration for this design, please read my blog post about it.

Easy Shimmer Mandala

Get the pattern: Easy Shimmer Mandala (FREE on

About the pattern: This project is a fun and quick upcycle project that I created for the Yarn Bomb project we installed at CGOA’s Chain Link Conference in July 2019 in honor of their 25th anniversary. I love how it shimmers in the sunshine or near a string of lights. This pattern is FREE and comes with a video tutorial.

Colorida Hammock Blanket

Get the pattern: Colorida Hammock Blanket (FREE on

About the pattern: Every summer I enjoy lying on my hammock and being out in the fresh air. I love listening to the wind in the trees and to the birds singing all around. I also love to crochet outside, so I thought it perfect to create this colorful blanket for one of my favorite spots in the yard. This is a FREE pattern on my blog.

Follow Jennifer Online

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Teaching at the CGOA Conference

I’ll be teaching at CGOA‘s conference this coming summer in New Orleans. I look forward to meeting many crocheters from around the world there. If you come to join us in the crochet fun, please stop by to say hello! It’s always a great time of inspiration, learning and, friendship.

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