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You’ve arrived at the annual NatCroMo Blog Tour! What is that, you ask? It’s a virtual celebration of National Crochet Month with new blog content daily throughout March, including featured crochet designers, free patterns, discounts, giveaways, and more.

This year our theme is The Crochet Concert and we are celebrating music as creative inspiration. Each featured designer’s showcase will include an “Opening Act” (a quick or easy pattern); “Intermission” (the designer’s favorite crochet tools, yarn, or books); a “Showstopper” (an impressive or unique pattern); and “Designer’s Choice” (any pattern of the designer’s choice).

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About Jessie Rayot

Our featured designer of the day is Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home. Be sure to visit her blog today to read her post celebrating National Crochet Month! You can find Jessie’s patterns on her website (crochet pattern menu on Jessie at Home) and in her Ravelry designer portfolio, Etsy shop, and LoveCrafts shop.

Jessie has been crocheting since her great grandmother first handed her a hook at the age of 8. She started off her professional life as a costume designer/creator/pattern maker. Jessie married in 2005, and in 2007 she became a stay-at-home mom to twins. Shortly thereafter she started Jessie At Home as a way to share photos and stories of the twins with her family. Eventually she started adding crafty posts in, then patterns, and it just kept evolving until it became the fun crochet, knit, craft and family blog that it is today. Jessie has earned several awards and has been published in various on and off line crochet and knit publications. In addition to her love of crafts, Jessie also enjoys creating mixed media sculptures and art. Jessie holds a BFA in costume design and technology and an MA in studio art with a focus on painting and sculpture.

Jessie’s Special for Our Readers

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Jessie’s Creative Inspiration

Is music a source of inspiration for your crochet creativity? Or do you listen to music while you crochet? If so, tell us about it. If not, what is something else that helps fuel your creative inspiration?

Music was an important part of our house when I was growing up. My love of music has never faded. One of the bands that has been a favorite and an inspiration through my entire life is The Beatles. Their songs make me feel so many emotions. They’ve inspired me and brought me comfort and hope through my life. I often listen to music while working. Some other favorites of mine are Pink Floyd, The Who, Aerosmith, Supertramp, Guns N’ Roses, Ani DiFranco, Queen, Pink, Violent Femmes, and…well…I could go on forever!

Can you recommend one or two songs/pieces of music you find inspirational?

I know it’s cliché, but “Imagine” has always been inspirational for me. “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd has always reminded me of my brother. But you want to know something really geeky? When I went back to my hotel room after the second day of my first crochet conference, I found “Corner of the Sky” from Pippen, preformed by William Kat, on You Tube. I played over and over and cried with joy. Until that day, every time I heard that song I cried because I didn’t think I’d ever truly find where I belonged. But that day I finally knew, I had found my Corner of the Sky.

Design Showcase: The Opening Act

Pattern name: All Together Now

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: All Together Now is named for a favorite Beatles song of mine. It just seemed to fit the design so well, and I kept finding myself singing it as I crocheted. I love the way the 4 sections point into the center.

All Together Now is a unique wrap made in 4 sections. The sections are joined as they are made, so there is no seaming at the end. This wrap is a great way to show off color changing yarn, but it would also look great in 2-4 solid colors. Made in double crochet, this is actually a fairly simple pattern to make, the intermediate rating is just because of the joining of the pieces.


Tell us about one (or more) of your favorite crochet-related items.

I collect those old needlepoint/needle art instruction books. You know the kind that have chapters on crochet, knit, needle point, embroidery, and sometimes even sewing. I love them. The older the better. It’s so fun to me to learn about and see the history of fiber arts. Sometimes I even find that something I thought was unique, is actually something quite old and just forgotten about by most. I also find that looking back at the origins and the basics of crochet can sometimes inspire awesomeness!

Design Showcase: The Showstopper

Pattern name: Waterfall Necklace

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: The Waterfall Necklace was on my mind for many years before I designed it. When I was working as a costume designer I made a dress with a similar neck in beads for a nightclub singer. I’ve always loved what I call “Diva Necklaces”. There’s something both classy and sexy about the way they drape around the neck and shoulders. After making the beaded neck for the nightclub dress, I knew one day I needed to make a similar necklace in crochet and beads. It took several years before I finally gave it a go. The wait was worth it, I’m so in love with this design!

Design Showcase: Designer’s Choice

Pattern name: Skylark in Wonderland

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: Skylark in Wonderland is one of my “take 2” patterns. Sometimes I design something and it inspires something else. I designed the Skylark scarf, which was named for the old Johnny Mercer song – though I’ve always loved the Ella Fitzgerald version. I loved the original, but by the time I finished it, I already had ideas for some tweaks that would make a really awesome second version. When I made that second version in rainbow colors of yarn from Frabjous Fibers, it seemed fitting to add “Wonderland” to the title. After all, not only is Frabjous Fibers Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass themed, but those are also two of my favorite books.

A little bit more about Jessie…

Throughout my life both music and art (including crochet) have been outlets for me. I live with depression and anxiety, and have since childhood. While I treat these issues medically, a large part of my therapy has always been music and art. Music provides a ready-made way to express and let out my feelings, while art provides a way for me to release those feelings into a creation. I can’t imagine life without music and art.

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