Julie Desjardins, Featured Crochet Designer

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About Julie Desjardins

Please allow me to introduce our featured designer of the day, Julie Desjardins of ACCROchet. Julie designs a little of everything, but crochet socks and Tunisian crochet are her two favorites. You can find her patterns in her Ravelry store. Today Julie will share some of her crochet memories with us and we’ll showcase three of her crochet designs.

Julie’s Special for Our Readers

As a special treat for the NatCroMo Blog Tour, Julie is offering “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” for patterns in her Ravelry store. Through April 5, 2020 use code NATCROMO on Ravelry to get 1 free pattern when you put 2 patterns in your cart. You can use this code as often as you like!

Julie’s Crochet Memories

Would you share with us an early memory of crochet?

“When I was learning to crochet, there were very few helpful videos to be found online. So I taught myself through the images found in books, and photos that I e-mailed a friend when I had a question! This is how I failed to realize that there was a such a thing as a left-handed crocheter (which I likely would have been, since I’m left-handed). The result is that I crochet slowly, but I get to easily teach crochet to others. =)”

Would you share with us a memory of becoming a crochet designer?

“I was invited to the first major fiber festival in my province back when I was crocheting everything in sight and was a fledgling designer (I had like… three patterns – all for different items of the same hat, cowl, and fingerless mittens set). The patterns were a HIT! Throughout the weekend, festival goers kept purchasing their copies (fun!) but also asking me to create more patterns. Some even putting in their orders for what to write up next.

“I was sharing my kiosk with a knit-designer, Stephanie of À la maille suivante. We both vowed to publish at least one pattern a month for the following year… and we did.”

Would you share with us one of your most memorable moments as a crochet designer?

“Oh! I got to meet Doris Chan, my crochet hero, when she was inducted to the CGOA Jean Leinhauser Hall of Fame in 2016. It’s actually what convinced me to go – finding out she’d be there! I have a picture with her taken by my friend, Briana Kepner (another wonderful designer). That was most definitely a highlight for me, that conference. Meeting other designers, many of whom knew my name… Good times.”

Showcase: Crochet Designs by Julie Desjardins

Dobby Socks

Get the pattern: Dobby Socks (on Ravelry)

About the pattern: “If you’ve ever looked longingly at self-striping sock yarn – usually meant for knit socks – and wished for a pattern that would make these stripes work with crochet, you’ve come to the right place!

“This pattern is offered in a variety of sizes from baby to adult.”

Tulip (Slipper) Socks

Get the pattern: Tulip Slipper Socks (on Ravelry)

About the pattern: “When gray winter days are almost at an end, the awesome, springtime tulip border on these slipper-socks will put a smile on your face.

“Instructions are given for 3 sizes based on women’s shoe sizes, with tips on how to adjust to any adult size.”

Marly’s chic shoulder wrap

Get the pattern: Marlys Chic Crochet Shoulder Wrap (on accrochet.com)

About the pattern: “This pattern is free on my website!

“I designed this shoulder wrap to be versatile, quick to crochet, and perfect for all. The satin ribbon tied into a bow makes it a perfect addition to a little black dress.”

Follow Julie Online

Here’s where you can connect with Julie online to be sure you don’t miss any of her new designs!

More About Julie

“I’m a designer, but I am also a crochet instructor, bringing new techniques to crocheters everywhere; and I am really into collaborating with designers through translating their patterns to French to open up new audiences for them, tech editing, and just generally working together to lift each other up.”

“My next Tunisian crochet pattern is the orange sweater-poncho I am wearing in this picture. Follow me to find out when it launches! Perfect self-isolation or confinement project.” ~ Julie, ACCROchet

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