Kris Moore, Featured Crochet Designer

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About Kris Moore

Please allow me to introduce our featured designer of the day, Kris Moore of Krissy’s Over The Mountain Crochet. Kris loves to design accessories and home decor items. She also designs garments and afghans. You can find her patterns on Ravelry, Etsy and Love Crafts. Today Kris will share some of her crochet memories with us and we’ll showcase three of her crochet designs.

Kris’ Special for Our Readers

As a special treat for the NatCroMo Blog Tour, Kris says, “I am so happy to offer my Over Brook Poncho M/XL free on March 14th at Ravelry.” USE CODE: NatCroMo, here:

Kris’ Crochet Memories

Would you share with us one of your earliest memories of crochet?

When I was ten years old or so, I was spending a week with my grandmother. I went to grandma’s to play and have freedom so I was in my own little world, but she pulled me over to the couch to show me the granny square she was working on. I will never forget how she slowly made those dc stitches so that I would understand what was happening. I can still see the construction and colors of that granny square. That was all it took for me, I was hooked.

Would you share with us one of your memories of becoming a crochet designer?

Crochet is my first and most intense love, but I am also a seamstress. I made most of mine and my children’s clothing while they were growing up. As they grew older they no longer wanted me to make their clothing and I was sad and depressed because of this intense need to create something.

Around 2008 I stumbled upon the world of eBay boutique, which catered to pageant wear for children. I started making custom designs for children, adding crocheted accessories and folks started asking me for the patterns and they wanted to buy them. I didn’t know that possibility existed and I thought… what could I lose? Let’s see if this is something I can do. My first week selling patterns on Etsy I made $12.00 and I was so impressed! I kept telling my kids, “I made $12.00 selling a crochet pattern this week, can you believe that?” and again I was hooked!

Would you share with us one of your most memorable experiences as a crochet designer?

My most memorable experience was when a family member was ill and needed my help. She lived above NY, and I live in WV. I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and drove 13 hours to be with her, and I took a poncho that I was designing along with me. While at her bedside I would work on the poncho and hold it up and ask, “How do you like it now?” all while she would critique and instruct. Spending time with her at her bedside was beautiful. Driving through country that I had never seen was exhilarating and I felt so empowered, even when I got stuck in downtown NY. I was so thankful for God’s protection and navigating hand on that trip. The Over Brook Poncho will always remind me of that time with her. I see so many memories when I see that poncho.

Showcase: Crochet Designs by Kris Moore

Extended Lace Over Brook Tunic

Get the pattern: Extended Lace Over Brook Tunic (on Ravelry)

About the pattern: What a beautiful lacy tunic. It can be worn as a dress, a beach cover. It will comfortably cover your hips, or you can make it shorter if you choose. Short sleeves, cap sleeves, or bell sleeves with a lace edge… you choose. Make this for maternity wear… just follow no.5 in the “Designer Notes.” This is an oversized garment. You can go down one size if you would like for it to be fitted or use a smaller hook.

Victorian Basket

Get the pattern: Victorian Basket (on Ravelry)

About the pattern: This Victorian Basket is easy to crochet and that drop-over lace is a so pretty. This sweet little piece will help with storage needs whether it’s in the powder room, bedroom, or any place you need a bit of fancy storage! Not only is it easy but it is super fast to crochet, as you will be holding two strands of yarn and a large crochet hook.

Purrr-fect Kitty Socks

Get the pattern: Purrr-fect Kitty Socks (on Ravelry)

About the pattern: Socks are so much fun! This pair can made them whimsical or functional. You are the designer so you get to choose! This pattern is a great stash buster! I used left over Red Heart Super Saver!

I really like the striped cuff with a shell edge on the pair pictured. Leave off the cat nose and whiskers and it becomes functional. The striped ribbing on the cuff seems to have a swirled effect.

Adding a nose and whiskers makes them so special! If you are a dog lover it shouldn’t be hard to add a dog nose and tongue, should it?

They also look cute with a “Contrasting Heel” and the pattern is written so that you can add a Contrasting Toe also. So many options:

  1. Cat Nose and Whiskers
  2. Striped Rib Cuff with Shell Edging
  3. Contrasting Toe
  4. Contrasting Heel
  5. Contrasting Toe and Heel

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More About Kris

I am a happy mother of five children, and four grands. I live just “Over The Mountain” on a lovely, narrow country road in the Appalachian Mountains. I love to use mixed media in my designs, after all I’m a seamstress too. I am so thankful for the internet and how it has enriched my life and is the avenue that feeds my creative juices so that I can continue to live in happiness.

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