Kristine Mullen, Featured Crochet Designer

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About Kristine Mullen

Please allow me to introduce our featured designer of the day, Kristine Mullen of Ambassador Crochet. Kristine designs blankets, garments, baby items, and hats. You can find her patterns in her Etsy shop, Ambassador Crochet. Today Kristine will share some of her crochet memories with us and we’ll showcase three of her crochet designs.

Kristine’s Special for Our Readers

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Kristine’s Crochet Memories

Would you share with us one of your earliest memories of crochet?

My mother taught me to crochet when I was just five years old. I didn’t pick it up again until I was pregnant with my first daughter. I have since been able to pass my love of crochet on to my own daughters and now all five of them can crochet.

Would you share with us one of your memories of becoming a crochet designer?

I became a designer sort of by accident. A friend delivered her baby ten weeks early. Back in 2007 there were not nearly as many online options for patterns and I just could not find a preemie pattern I liked. After a couple weeks of looking I decided I knew what I did not want in a pattern and decided to make my own pattern. I fell in love with the design process and have been designing ever since. That was exactly 13 years ago today, which makes today my business anniversary!

Would you share with us one of your most memorable experiences as a crochet designer?

My most memorable experience as a designer was a few years ago. I had flown to Michigan for my father’s funeral. When I returned, my husband and my daughters came to the airport to pick me up. It was the middle of winter so my girls were wearing hats (that I had designed). Someone in the airport stopped my girls and told them they had the same pattern at home and had made it for one of their grandchildren. My girls thought that was the best thing ever that someone recognized my patterns.

Showcase: Crochet Designs by Kristine Mullen

American Flag Afghan

Get the pattern: American Flag Afghan (on Ravelry)

About the pattern: This afghan was a huge project that took months of planning and calculating. I used schematics for the American Flag and made it as true to dimensions as I could. Stars & stripes are all proportionately correct. I also made the stripes more like a fabric so there are no holes between stitches (and it’s not sc). I also incorporated the stars right into the blanket so they don’t need to be sewn on.

Pemberley Heirloom Baby Blanet

Get the pattern: Pemberley Heirloom Baby Blanket (on Ravelry)

About the pattern: The Pemberley blanket is something that will be treasured forever –
an heirloom. There is something so dainty about this afghan. It’s delicate stitch pattern and scallop edge are the perfect combination. Add a pretty ribbon and tie a bow to complete this beautiful blanket.

Hope Whispers Shawl

Get the pattern: Hope Whispers Prayer Shawl (on Ravelry)

About the pattern: The Hope Whispers shawl is part of the Hope Collection (which has been inspired by all those going through chemo or a life threatening illness, as well as their caregivers). Hope Whispers has and easy 2-row repeat and then a beautiful border. Use self-striping yarn or leave it solid.

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Kristine Mullen

Above: Crochet designer Kristine Mullen of Ambassador Crochet.

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