LeAnna Lyons, Featured Crochet Designer in Memoriam

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About LeAnna Lyons

Today’s featured designer is special because we are remembering her after having so recently lost her from the crochet community and from this world. Please allow me to introduce LeAnna Lyons, in memoriam.

LeAnna, a Washington state native, lived on Vashon Island with her husband Harry and their cats. Oh, how she loved her cats! And Harry!

LeAnna and Harry also lived in Germany for nine years — thus the name of her microbusiness, The Eccentric Haus Frau, which celebrated the domestic arts of crochet, knitting, sewing, cooking, and photography. In addition to crocheting and cats, LeAnna enjoyed camping, cooking, and old movies.

We will all miss LeAnna’s presence in this world. LeAnna’s passing on September 6, 2019 was unexpected as she had cancer that progressed very quickly. LeAnna’s obituary is a lovely, heart-warming tribute, which you may read in the Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber: https://www.vashonbeachcomber.com/obituaries/leanna-marie-nocita/

LeAnna & Crochetville

LeAnna was a featured designer on our NatCroMo Blog Tour in 2013 and 2014. She was also a long-time member of the Crochetville forum since 2005. Amy met LeAnna in person for the first time at the 2012 CGOA conference in Reno, Nevada and Donna met LeAnna at the 2014 CGOA conference in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Showcase: Crochet Designs by LeAnna Lyons

Romancing the Paper Snowflake

Get the pattern: This pattern is available for free on the Crochetville forum: Romancing the Paper Snowflake Motif

About the pattern: LeAnna said, “This is an 8″ to 9″ motif, suitable for afghans or friendship squares. If you experiment with using a different hook or yarn or thread weight, I think it would be great for table clothes, runners or doilies, or even wearables.”

Celtic Heart

Get the pattern: This pattern is currently still available on LeAnna’s Lulu shop: Celtic Heart Crochet Pattern

About the pattern: Leanna said, “Worked in thread, this little Celtic Heart can adore a pair of gloves, purse, or doily or let your imagination take over. Worked in other weights of thread or yarn, and the possibilities are endless.”

The Eccentric Haus Frau’s Little Book of Spice and Sauce Recipe Book

Get the book: This book is currently still available on Amazon: The Eccentric Haus Frau’s Little Book of Spice And Sauce Recipe Book.

About the book: From the back cover: “This little recipe book shows you how to make your own spice mixes and sauces using mainly ingredients found in your own kitchen or can be easily bought at your favorite grocery store. Make your own spice mixes from your own spice rack and leave the chemicals out found in most commercial mixes. Learn to make sauces that are flavorful and take no more time than opening up a sauce mix. If you are looking to use those spices in your cupboard before they lose their flavor, if you are looking to spice up the weekly dinner meals, if you dare to try something new in the kitchen, then this little book is for you. Add new flavor to your life, go beyond salt and pepper and make friends with your spice rack. Try your hand at making a quick and easy “Garlicky Aioliolioli” Aioli that’s perfect for chicken sandwiches; or “Cat’s Outta the Bag” “Secret” Sauce for dipping your French Fries, not to mention your home cooked burgers. This and much more are inside for you to try now.”

LeAnna Online


Above: LeAnna Lyons modeling her own design, Horseshoe Button Cuff Fingerless Mitts (pattern no longer available). Donna Hulka took this photo of Leanna at the 2014 CGOA conference on Fabulous Friday Fun Night. Donna says, “I like this photo because it shows her fun spirit.”

More Patterns by LeAnna

These are patterns we showcased when LeAnna was on the NatCroMo Blog Tour in 2013 and 2014. Sadly, they are no longer available, but we wanted to show you more of her work.

  • Good Luck, Good Fortune Frog: “In Germany, a frog by the front door is considered good luck. Make this little guy and he will, at the very least, bring a smile to your face. If making for small child, please embroider eyes on instead of using safety eyes.”
  • Beaded Drinking Glass Cover: “Beaded Drinking Glass Cover for when you’re parched and having lemonade out on the front porch.”
  • Trinity Shawl Pattern: “A warm and comforting shawl with a repeating color change of 3’s.”
  • Horseshoe Button Cuff Fingerless Mitts: “Elegant and unique fingerless mitts with a horseshoe crochet cable on button up cuff.”

Rest in peace, LeAnna.
You were loved dearly by many.

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