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We offer a number of  advertising and promotional options to businesses in the crochet and fiber arts industries. Scroll down past these options to see testimonials from satisfied customers, site statistics, and limitations.

(If you would like us to help you promote a product or service outside of the crochet and fiber arts industry, please send an email to amyshelton AT crochetville DOT com so we can talk with you and see if we can work with you.)

Customer Testimonials: Proven Results

Read what Kathy Lashley of ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs had to say several hours after we shared a link to one of her patterns on our Facebook page:

“I normally get anywhere from 500-1000 views a day on my blog and I’m already up to 4,866.

I can’t express the amount of gratitude that I have for you sharing my scarf and giving me this exposure.”

That’s an increase of 386% to 837% from her average daily views. We can’t guarantee that you’ll see that significant an increase in site traffic or what people will do once they visit your site, but we can get you additional site traffic. (Keep reading for more testimonials.)

From Michele Maks, former editor of Crochet World magazine and current owner of Mainly Crochet digital pattern subscription service:

What every online business likes to see is a spike in webpage viewers, and that’s just what a Crochetville blurb on Facebook got us. Amazing!  Although we had been pretty out there ourselves, including Facebook, the largest hits we’ve gotten were attributable to Crochetville’s posting. I can’t recommend them enough to crochet-centric businesses!

Following her participation in our A Tour through Crochet Country blog tour earlier this year, April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio said:

Prior to March of this year I occasionally had over 1000 pageviews per month on my blog, but not often. Usually it was closer to 500. Since March, I have averaged nearly 3500 pagviews per month. I credit this blog tour with the sustained higher traffic I have enjoyed since then!

After our post link to her site in the above blog tour, Kathryn White of Crochet n Beads had this to say:

Wow I am floored by the number of visitors I had yesterday. There were over 500 that paid my site a visit within a 24 hour period. There are still more coming too. This is way above my normal stats.

Brenda Stratton said:

So far today, I’ve had the most hits ever for a single day. There was one 20-minute window where I had over 400 hits, with nearly 12 hours yet to go in the day. It’s so busy, I can’t even connect to it at the moment. That has never happened before.

Sending Products for Review

Our integrity is important to us, so we will only promote products and companies that we honestly feel comfortable supporting. If we haven’t already used your products personally, you will be asked to provide a small selection of your products before we make a Facebook or blog post for you.

Digital products: Please email to admin AT crochetville DOT com.

Physical Products:

Please ship to:

Crochetville LLC
103 Scarlet Oak Circle
Harvest, AL 35749

If you prefer, you may submit your products to us prior to purchasing the ad. Be sure to include an email address where we can contact you and let you know if we will be able to accept the ad.

Our Blog Stats

November 2013:

Page views: 54,299

Visits: 16,002

Unique visitors: 11,414

Facebook fans: 145,341

Twitter followers: 1,666

Pinterest followers: 1,062



If your business sells items related to popular characters, sports team logos, corporate logos, etc., please be aware that we can only accept your ad or promotional request if your products are officially licensed by the trademark/copyright owner or if you have other legal permission in place. We will need a signed statement from you (for our legal files) that you have all required licensing or permissions in place.

We only accept ads and promotional requests that are safe for viewing at work and by children.

We reserve the right to reject any ad or promotional request for any reason. If we reject your request, we will issue a prompt refund for the full amount we receive for your ad from passionfruit, minus any processing fees that were incurred with your payment.


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