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You’ve arrived at the annual NatCroMo Designer Blog Tour 2022! It’s a virtual celebration of National Crochet Month with new blog content daily throughout March, including featured crochet designers, pattern showcases, free patterns, coupons, discounts, giveaways, and more. This year’s theme is Pawprints on Our Hearts, so we’ll talk about our pets – furry, feathered, and scaly!

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Today’s featured designer on our NatCroMo Designer Blog Tour 2022 is Linda Dean of Linda Dean Crochet. In addition to showcasing some of her crochet patterns, for our theme, Pawprints on Our Hearts, she tells us about her beloved house rabbit, Storm.

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Linda has also had patterns published in Crochet World, Crochet!, and I Like Crochet.

About Linda

I am a self-taught crocheter who enjoys creating and designing new ways to put stitches together. I enjoy crocheting, finding it as my relaxation and rejuvenation time. I believe that the work through of a piece is just as important as the finished product; if you don’t enjoy the journey the destination isn’t as wonderful as it could be (and it may never get finished!). I have been teaching since passing the CGOA Master’s Program in 2010, and designing for publishing since 2012, and have been active with the Crochet Guild of America currently Past President. I am a Craft Yarn Council Certified Instructor and teach regularly at my local yarn shop in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just east of Sacramento, while restoring the home that my great-grandfather built with my husband and kids. You can also find me teaching classes at various national outlets, including the 2022 Interweave Yarn Fest and with Jimmy Beans Wool.

Linda’s Pets

Rest in peace, Storm, beloved house rabbit of crochet designer Linda Dean and her family.

Tell us about your pets!

My house has always been full of pets. I currently only have a dog and a cat in the house, and a flock of chickens outside. This is probably the fewest number of pets I have had at my home. We are still trying to find a balance after the passing of our beloved house rabbit, Storm.

While I love all my pets, Storm managed to worm his way further in my heart. He was the dominant animal in the home, keeping the 80 pound dog and the cat in line to do his bidding. He would steal the dog’s bed, and chase the cat, all while demanding attention on his terms. He kept everyone on their toes as he created his own adventures daily. One day it could be scratching on the refrigerator door demanding blueberries, with the next hopping out from behind the claw foot bathtub when you least expected to see him.

Favorite Crochet Reference

What is one of your favorite crochet reference books or websites that is one of your go-to sources for crochet information?

The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Margaret Hubert

I also have this book on hand, the photos are great are really clear. I love the fact that each stitch technique is charted as well as written, it is a must have in my classroom.

Pina Wrap {Crochet pattern by Linda Dean Crochet}

Design Showcase:
Pina Wrap

Pattern name: Pina Wrap

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: A wavy air of lace will dance with this pineapple stitch. This one skein project is worked in 2 parts, Pina Wrap is started in the center and after completing one side the other side is worked outward from the same beginning foundation.

Pilgrimage Beaded Wrap {Crochet pattern by Linda Dean Crochet}

Design Showcase:
Pilgrimage Beaded Wrap

Pattern name: Pilgrimage Beaded Wrap

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: Intriguing and interesting, the Pilgrimage Beaded Wrap has an easy row repeat, but it will never become boring. This wrap will always catch the eye and garner praise, leaving you wanting to make more than one.

Rice Paper Weave Gloves {Crochet Pattern by Linda Dean Crochet}
Rice Paper Weave Hat {Crochet pattern by Linda Dean Crochet)

Design Showcase:
Rice Paper Weave Glove and Hat Set

Pattern name: Rice Paper Weave Glove and Hat Set

Get the pattern:–hat-set

About the pattern: Fingered gloves are a must during the cold months, and are easier then they look! This simple stitch pattern offers a unique texture that gives the gloves just enough stretch. Finish off the look by creating a hat, why not; there is enough yarn in the skein to do both! has an option for texting! Sized for both men & women.

BBD (Baby Brown Dog) {Crochet Pattern by Linda Dean Crochet}

Linda’s NatCroMo Special

My pattern, BBD (Baby Brown Dog), will be available at 50% off until the end of the month, using THIS SPECIAL LINK. (Offer valid March 14 @12:00am through March 31, 2022 @11:59pm PT.)

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