Mary In Michigan, Featured Crochet Hobbyist

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About Mary In Michigan

Please allow me to introduce our featured hobbyist of the day, Mary in Michigan. Mary says, “I like crocheting most everything. I especially enjoy hats, sweaters, and toys. But I think I have made all of it at some point.” Today Mary will share some of her crochet memories with us and we’ll showcase three of her crochet projects.

Crochet Masters

Mary completed her Crochet Guild of America Masters Certification in 2015. She says, “It isn’t easy, and I thought I wasn’t going to complete it for a while. I am very pleased that I did it though.”

Mary’s Crochet Memories

Would you share with us one of your earliest memories of crochet?

For my 6th birthday, I got the chicken pox. My grandma came from out-of-state to take care of me because my mom had just gone back to work. Grandma was a crafter, and every day she taught me something new. So she taught me how to chain and single and double crochet. She also taught me embroidery and weaving pot holders. It was pretty fun for a six-year-old. Plus I remember some great quality time with her.

Would you share with us one of your most memorable experiences as a crocheter?

My daughter wanted to learn how to crochet, and I taught her — after about 20 years of having stopped crocheting — because I didn’t have time till she was an adult. We went to STITCHES and the Knit and Crochet Show together and had some great fun. I enjoyed very much being able to share crafting with her. As I retired, it has been the thing that has made my life more fun. I have gone to several retreats and shows with friends, my daughter, and even my husband. We both agree that going to Camp Stitches in Vermont was one of the best vacations we ever did. I crocheted; he went fishing. I have made so many friends through crochet. And it has been very worthwhile.

Would you share with us another crochet memory?

I met a friend at the New Hampshire Crochet Show in 2012. It was my first show and I signed up for a buddy. My buddy ended up being a great pal, and I went back to see her and crochet with her again in 2019. We had a great time and took classes together again. I just enjoy meeting the wonderful people that are part of this craft and industry.

Showcase: Crochet Projects by Mary

My First Design

Pattern source: I took the “design a sweater class” from Shibaguyz at Camp Stitches in 2017. With their help and the class I designed this. It is made out of Knitting Fever Painted Desert yarn.

About the project: It is a 3/4 length sleeve tunic style sweater. I love the way it fits. It is warm, but not heavy.

Moogly CAL afghan 2015

Pattern source: This was the 2015 Moogly Afghan Crochet Along by Tamara Kelly

About the project: Every other week you got a different block. I made all of them and made a wedding gift for a neighbor getting married. She had grown up with my kids and was very excited by all of this. She picked the colors. It ended being so much fun. It remains one of my most favorite items ever.

Making Friends Baby Afghan

Pattern source: Making Friends Blanket (Mary Maxim Kit 2019)

About the project: This colorwork afghan almost did me in. So many of the colors and little details were needed. I worked on it for months. I love it, but I won’t do another like it. The parents of the baby love it and it fits their family so well. I am very proud of it. I would not rate this project intermediate.

Charity Crochet

Below are hats Mary crocheted in 2019 for the Goodfellows charity for New Boston, Michigan. She says, “I do about 20 hats every year. I really love doing them.”

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