NatCroMo 2014, March 23: Annette Stewart


The 2014 Designer Blog Tour in honor of National Crochet Month continues today with a visit to crochet designer Annette Stewart.



It has been said that Annette is indeed an absolute crazy lady when it comes to her need to crochet or knit or sew. She can usually be found at one of these endeavours.  Annette loves fiber and the making of it as well as the transformation of it into lovely wearables. Luckily she has been so blessed that these crafts now are the mainstay of her days. Annette sews costumes most days for the local university or ballet or opera. She has been submitting patterns to magazines and putting up free patterns on her site and blog.  Annette also loves teaching anything she knows to to whoever wants to learn it. She is proud to have that opportunity with her local crochet guild, Greater Dayton Crochet Guild.  They’d love to have you come join them.


Keep up with Annette online:






Annette is a professional member of CGOA (Crochet Guild of America), and she has this to share about her CGOA experience:

CGOA is the best place to find others who are as obsessed with crochet as I am. We have a grand time at he conferences and keep in touch through socail media such as facebook.  The Masters Program through CGOA was so eductional and completion gives me assurance that I can indead teach this art to others and create designs others are interested and able to recreate.  For creative inspiration think CGOA.


Annette’s Designs

We’d like to highlight two of Annette’s designs, just to give you a sneak peek at her work.


Spring Daisy Scarf

Spring Daisy Scarf: Scattered Daisy Motifs adorn this easy to crochet scarf.  Very cute and an excellent beginning for an adventure in thread crochet. Free Pattern

Floral Brooch Hook Minder

Floral Brooch Hook Minder: Keep your hook, markers and darning needle close at hand with this very cute floral brooch of elastic loops just perfect for sliding your tools into. Free Pattern


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Scattered Daisy Motifs adorn this easy to crochet scarf.  Very cute and an excellent beinning for an adventure in thread crochet.
Free Pattern

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