NatCroMo 2015 Daily Giveaway: March 4

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National Crochet Month

Welcome to Crochetville’s third annual Designer Blog Tour, taking place all throughout March 2015 in celebration of National Crochet Month (NatCroMo). Each day on our blog, you will find 1) in-depth profile posts for two crochet designers, with a link to their blogs so you can see what specials (free patterns, discount coupon codes, tutorials, etc.) they may be offering for NatCroMo, 2) a daily giveaway post with entries open from 8:00 AM CST to 8:00 AM CST the following day, and 3) during the last week of the month, daily posts from a Crochet Guild of America board member. Join us each day for a new surprise!

Today’s Posts: Stacy Vaka, Crochet Kitten | Dora Ohrenstein, Crochet Insider | Daily Giveaway | Halos of Hope Hat Collection | Complete Designer Schedule


Today’s Giveaway Information

Today’s giveaway will provide you with some of the supplies you’ll need to make the cute Petals Collar necklace you can see featured in our post about designer Stacy Vaka.




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12 thoughts on “NatCroMo 2015 Daily Giveaway: March 4”

  1. Not sure if I’m entered or not? It says to click here for one entry but never really says if you’re entered or not?

    • The Rafflecopter giveaway app tells you how many entries you have completed. The top row of the form is divided into four boxes. Before you enter, the second box from the right will show: 0 / 9. As you successfully complete the different options that number will change to show how many of the total of 9 entries you have completed.

          • Do you see the 5 different options for entering? 1. Visit Crochetville on Facebook 2. Visit Crochet Kitten on Facebook 3. Follow Crochet Insider on Pinterest 4. Leave a Comment on Our Stacy Vaka Blog Post 5. Leave a Comment on our Dora Ohrenstein Blog Post. If you see those, what happens when you click the triangle at the right of each option?

            Are you trying to do this from a smartphone or tablet by any chance? If so, you might have to try entering from a computer.

          • I just checked, and the entry form works with an iPad. My iPhone’s battery is dead at the moment, so I can’t verify whether it works on it or not.

          • I’ve tried from both my computer and my smart phone. . It works from my phone, I just tried and got 2 entries. When I try from the computer it doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t give the “visit us” option or the “enter” option.

  2. I am all about NatCroMo! So much to learn, so many beautiful things. I have read, learned and lusted since it started and its only been a few days! Thanks so much!

  3. You’ll need to first sign in with an email address or Facebook, as the Rafflecopter giveaway app asks you to do. (You need to sign in Rafflecopter will know who you are so we have a way to contact you if you’re selected as the winner.) Once you log in, you’ll see the different options you can use to enter and collect up to 9 entries into the drawing.


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