NatCroMo 2015, March 16: Susan Lowman

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National Crochet Month:

Welcome to Crochetville’s third annual Designer Blog Tour, taking place all throughout March 2015 in celebration of National Crochet Month (NatCroMo). Each day on our blog, you will find 1) in-depth profile posts for two crochet designers, with a link to their blogs so you can see what specials (free patterns, discount coupon codes, tutorials, etc.) they may be offering for NatCroMo, 2) a daily giveaway post with entries open from 8:00 AM CST to 8:00 AM CST the following day, and 3) during the last week of the month, daily posts from a Crochet Guild of America board member. Join us each day for a new surprise!

Today’s Posts: Susan Lowman, The Crochet Architect | Carolyn Carleton, Living Skies Crochet | Daily Giveaway | Halos of Hope Hat Collection | Complete Designer Schedule


Susan Lowman, The Crochet Architect

Crochetville is very proud to have designer Susan Lowman, also known as The Crochet Architect, with us today, March 16, as one of the featured designers on our 2015 Designer Blog Tour in honor of National Crochet Month (NatCroMo).


Three Truths and a Lie:

Take a guess as to which of the following statements isn’t true. We’ll try to let you know which statement is “The Lie” somewhere in this post. If we just can’t work it in, we’ll post the truth at the bottom of the post!

  1. Susan is a graduate of the Arizona Culinary Institute.
  2. She can speak Chinese.
  3. For 3 years, Ssusan had a speaking engagement every other month.
  4. Susan has never had a pedicure nor has she colored her hair.


Susan’s Designs:

If you’re not familiar with her work already, we’d like to share two of Susan’s designs with you.


Stained Glass Snowflake Scarf, available for $4.95 on Susan’s website

“This scarf will turn heads with its beautiful snowflake design! It can be made in the colors shown or any colors of worsted weight yarn you choose. The scarf is a lot easier to make than it looks, since only basic stitches are used! If you already know how to make a chain and a single crochet, as well as how to read and follow a crochet pattern, you’re ready to make this scarf! ”



Family Slippers, available for $4.95 on Susan’s website

“Our stylish slippers are sized for most members in the family, from teens to adult men. They can be made with any worsted weight yarn of your choice. If smaller slippers are desired, simply use a smaller hook and sport weight yarn. These slippers are perfect for stash busting and make great gifts, too!”


About Susan:

How It All Began

Susan’s best friend taught her to crochet when they were in high school. Her best friend later became her sister-in-law when Susan married her friend’s brother. Susan’s been crocheting long enough that she doesn’t remember her first project, but she does remember the first design she sold. It was her Snowflake Doily and Coaster Set which was published as a kit by Annie’s in January 2000.

A Star Is on the Rise

Susan has always enjoyed creating things with her hands. She joined the Society of Craft Designers in 2001 and met crochet designer Darla Fanton at their yearly seminar in Phoenix that same year. Darla encourage Susan to join CGOA (Crochet Guild of America), which Susan did shortly afterward. Susan was lucky enough to meet crochet industry giants Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss at the HIA trade show in 2002. By 2004, Susan was doing technical editing for Jean and Rita. By 2009, she was teaching at the CGOA annual conference.

Susan’s Specialty

Wiggly-Crochet-Dishcloths-Susan-LowmanSusan has designed a lot of Wiggly Crochet patterns over the years: 3 Wiggly Crochet leaflets featuring hot pads, coasters, dishcloths, and rugs, and she also self-publishes Wiggly Crochet patterns on her website. Wiggly Crochet is a fascinating 3-dimensional technique in which wiggly stitches are made on top of a mesh crochet foundation. Susan says, “The result is something that is cushiony, which makes it a great technique for crocheted rugs!”

You will find Susan’s patterns to be very well-written and easy to follow. Her self-published patterns frequently contain symbol crochet charts and/or step-by-step photos. Susan also  provides excellent pattern support: She’s happy to answer questions about her patterns at any time.

Sources of Inspiration

Susan says, “Sometimes ideas just pop into my head and other times I see something made in another medium that inspires me to design it in crochet (and I love geometric patterns, too).”

Her Greatest Crochet Accomplishment

“My Dragon Ship that looks like the ship in the movie, “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. I won a Flamie Award for that design in 2011. The pattern was published by Annie’s as a Crochet World magazine web bonus in Feb 2011.”

Photo of Dragon Ship

Dragon Ship by Susan Lowman

The Wider World of Fiber Arts

Susan currently enjoying knitting and shuttle tatting. In the past, she has done counted cross stitch, quilting, sewing, paper quilling, and other paper crafts.


About Her Design Process:

I start with an idea and crochet what I envision in my head, ripping out and redoing anything that isn’t what I want until I get it just right! It’s a lot of trial and error sometimes, but it’s worth the extra time and effort to achieve something that I’m pleased with in the long run!


Advice for New Designers:

My biggest suggestion would be to join CGOA and learn all you can by attending the CGOA Conferences each year.


Some of Susan’s Favorites:Tulip Etimo Hooks

  • Designers: Susan has many favorites, including Anne Halliday, Terry Kimbrough, Patricia Kristoffersen, Kathryn White, Doris  Chan, and Melissa Leapman
  • Favorite Hooks: Tulip Etimo padded aluminum and Boye steel
  • Favorite Yarn: Too many to name them all! But a small selection: Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, Lion Brand L.B. Collection Silk Mohair, Omega Sinfonia, DMC Cebelia, and Lizbeth thread
  • Favorite Thing to Crochet: Scarves, shawls, jewelry, afghans, hats, and baby booties. But her most favorite project is always her current one!
  • Favorite Crochet Books: Crocheting for Dummies and Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Crochet


Visit Susan’s Blog: NatCroMo FREEBIE Sneak Peek

You will definitely want to visit Susan’s blog post today! She is offering a 25% OFF coupon code on her self-published patterns on her website from March 16 through March 31. You’ll have to click the link and visit her blog to get the coupon code!

Susan is also sharing a photo and a link to a FREE crochet pattern every day in March to celebrate National Crochet Month. You’ll want to be sure you read all of her blog posts this month so you can add some fabulous free patterns to your collection!

Button to visit Susan Lowman's blog


Find Susan Online:

Crochetville: crocheteditor (must be logged in to see profile)

Ravelry: crochetarchitect (must be logged in to see profile)

The Crochet Architect Blog:

Ravelry Designer Page:





The Truth:

Susan is NOT a graduate of the Arizona Culinary Institute. She really does speak Chinese, though. Isn’t that cool?


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