NatCroMo 2015, March 9: Ann Mancini-Williams

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National Crochet Month:

Welcome to Crochetville’s third annual Designer Blog Tour, taking place all throughout March 2015 in celebration of National Crochet Month (NatCroMo). Each day on our blog, you will find 1) in-depth profile posts for two crochet designers, with a link to their blogs so you can see what specials (free patterns, discount coupon codes, tutorials, etc.) they may be offering for NatCroMo, 2) a daily giveaway post with entries open from 8:00 AM CST to 8:00 AM CST the following day, and 3) during the last week of the month, daily posts from a Crochet Guild of America board member. Join us each day for a new surprise!

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Ann Mancini-Williams, Glamour4You

Crochetville is very proud to have designer Ann Mancini-Williams of Glamour4You with us today, March 9, as one of the featured designers on our 2015 Designer Blog Tour in honor of National Crochet Month (NatCroMo).



Three Truths and a Lie:

Take a guess as to which of the following statements isn’t true. We’ll try to let you know which statement is “The Lie” somewhere in this post. If we just can’t work it in, we’ll post the truth at the bottom of the post!

  1. Ann loves the color pink.
  2. Although she designs with yarn frequently, she hates the feel of yarn and prefers the feel of crochet thread.
  3. Ann loves to help people learn to crochet.
  4. Ann feels the more yarn you have, the better!


Ann’s Designs:

If you’re not familiar with her work already, we’d like to share two of Ann’s designs with you.



Braided Glam Peacoat, available for $5.99 on Ann’s website

The Braided Glam Peacoat, designed specifically for and WINNER of the Design Wars “Medley Challenge”, uses the ever so soft & wonderful Red Heart Yarns Medley yarn. The Braided Glam Peacoat is such an eye-catching piece! It is so warm & cozy that it feels like you are wrapped in one big HUG!! The texture & detail stands out to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art! The Peacoat comes in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) but can be easily customizable to suit YOUR style & desire.



 Glamour Skull Slipper Shoes, available for $4.99 on Ann’s website

The Glamour Skull Slipper Shoes  are super soft & comfy, with a double sole. The Toe (where the Skull’s Teeth are) are open to allow your feet to breath. The color combinations are endless!! Pattern has adult women’s sizes 3-12.



About Ann:

Although you couldn’t tell from looking at her picture, Ann has been crocheting for over 33 years. Her mom taught her to crochet the chain stitch when she was five years old. Ann says she covered everything with a chain: bracelets, belts, wall decor, anywhere she could put a chain. She recalls that her first crochet project was a blanket for her Cabbage Patch doll. It was a little lop-sided, but her doll loved it anyway!

Ann said it wasn’t until her daughter was born and she became a stay-at-home mom that she found time to focus on her love for crochet. She was finally able to turn crochet into her career.  Ann tries to put her own personal, unique spin on each of her designs. She has become known for a very colorful, rocket, yet still vintage feel in her designs. She also LOVES skulls, as you may have noticed from the picture we shared of one of her designs.

Ann’s Braided Glam Peacoat design (also pictured above) won the Design Wars Medley Challenge. She has also had five of her designs nominated in the recently revamped Crochet Awards.

In addition to crocheting, Ann also enjoys knitting, beading, sewing, and embroidering. If she can make it herself with her hands, she will!

Ann has some special advice to share with new crocheters: “Tension!! Learn how to hold your yarn so you can get good tension. Tension really is the key to producing an even & professional looking stitch & is also a way to control & achieve any gauge a pattern calls for!”


About Her Design Process:

I am inspired by EVERYTHING I see!! I am very much a computer person, so when I have a design in my head, I automatically start working each round/row & then typing what I worked. Then, I will go back & edit & tweak the pattern & add images or diagrams as needed. Then the pattern is off for testing & re-testing, if needed. I will not publish a pattern if I do not feel it is 1,000% ready!!



Advice for New Designers:

Baby steps. Starting any business does not happen overnight! Do not get discouraged & always think of your business in long-term. You may not see growth right away, but over time you will!!



Fun Story from the Fiber Arts World:

I have a FB group of amazing testers/designers/friends that I admin for my crochet business. My husband is a musician in a band. My daughter (4 yo) sees me interacting with my crochet friends in my group & one day says this to me: “Mom, when I get older, can I be in your crochet band?” I thought that was the cutest, sweetest, & funniest thing she has ever said to me!! Crochet & music is a very important part of our lives!!


Special Shout-Out for the Value of Handmade:

I am a HUGE supporter of HANDMADE products. I cannot stress the amount of time, work, & LOVE that is put into 100% Handmade items. It is such a wonderful thing to know an item was custom made by hand just specifically for you! I LOVE to give honor, credit, & HUGE props to other like-minded business women that LOVE handmade as much as I do! LOVE & RESPECT handmade – it truly is PRICELESS!!

Some of Ann’s Favorites:

  • Favorite Designers: Ann says she has too many to list for fear of leaving anyone out. She loves to make friends with and learn from all designers, from newbies to seasoned.
  • Favorite Hook: Boye
  • Favorite Yarn: Worsted weight is her main yarn, but she’s been playing with thinner weights recently, too. She loves natural, smooth fibers with a lot of shine.
  • Favorite Thing to Crochet: Everything!


Visit Ann’s Blog: NatCroMo FREEBIE Sneak Peek


You will definitely want to visit Ann’s blog post today! She’s offering a special coupon code to get her Glamour Hippie Hat (shown above) for FREE from March 9 through March 13, 2015 at midnight EST. Be sure to visit her blog to get the special coupon code.

Visit Ann's Blog | Glamour4You


Find Ann Online:

Crochetville: Glamour4You (must be logged in to see profile)

Ravelry: Glamour4You (must be logged in to see profile)

Glamour4You Website:

Glamour4You Blog:

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The Truth:

Ann doesn’t hate the feel of yarn at all!


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62 thoughts on “NatCroMo 2015, March 9: Ann Mancini-Williams”

  1. Ann’s coat is my favorite ever. I voted for it but didnt win a pattern, sadly. I am enjoying NatCroMo so much. Getting to know the designers and their work is rewarding. Great giveaway, great info! Thanks for sharing. Oh yeah, who doesnt love the feel of yarn? lol πŸ™‚

  2. I am so glad I checked out her blog again. What unique and beautiful designs Ann is working on.
    I believe the ‘lie’ is that she hates the feel of yarn.

  3. Thanks Ann for the advice to new designers. I have started to design and write my own patterns. Now I just have to muster the confidence to get them tested and published. Statement #2 above is the lie. (??)

  4. I love Ann’s designs! She is also one of the most helpful designers when one has a question on her patterns!

  5. I vote for the peacoat every time I see it nominated for something. I love all of your designs! They are so trendy? hip? funky?, I don’t know what word they use for that now a days, but you are definitely opening up the market for crocheted items to the younger generation. You go girl!

  6. I love, love, love Ann’s work!! I want to make all her patterns some day! πŸ˜€ I have the skull slippers pattern and the first pair I make will be for me!

  7. I love the cowl in the first photo. And the slippers are scary in the most wonderful of ways. Nice designs! πŸ™‚


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