NatCroMo 2016, March 14: Daily Giveaway

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The Crochet Express National Crochet Month Blog Tour


Welcome to Crochetville’s fourth annual National Crochet Month (NatCroMo) blog tour, taking place each day of March 2016. Join us as we take a virtual tour on our passenger steam train, The Crochet Express, visiting crochet designers, crochet-friendly local yarn stores, and yarn companies, and offer some fun giveaways.

Today’s Posts: Julie Yeager | Anastacia Zittel | Jackie Fenwick | Serendipity NeedleworksDeborah Norville, Knit and Crochet Now! | Daily Giveaway

Want to Chat about the Tour?

Part of the fun of taking a passenger steam train trip is talking with your fellow passengers. This year, we’re providing two locations where our passengers can get to know each other. We’d love to hear about your favorite things you’ve discovered on the tour and see photos of your current crochet projects. You’re invited to join us daily for virtual cocktails/appetizers and dinner. (We’ll be sharing links to some fabulous recipes!)

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March 14 Daily Giveaway

Dreamz Crochet Hook Set | Knitkabob |Daily Giveaway

Special thanks to Knitkabob for sponsoring the March 14 Daily Giveaway on The Crochet Express. Knitkabob has generously donated a Knitter’s Pride set of Dreamz Symfonie Wood crochet hooks.

Approximate retail value : $50

We regret that due to the cost of international shipping with tracking options, this prize can only be shipped to a US address.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the Entry Form and Terms and Conditions.


About Knitkabob:

Knitkabob is a crochet-friendly yarn store located in Union, Oregon. Knitkabob will be the featured LYS in The Crochet Express blog tour on March 18. Please come back on that date to read our post about the store.


Find Knitkabob Online:




Enter the Giveaway:

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70 thoughts on “NatCroMo 2016, March 14: Daily Giveaway”

  1. I haven’t tried wooden crochet hooks before. I like wooden knitting needles so I would love to give the crochet hooks a try.

  2. I have heard of their hooks but have never tried them. I am a big fan of their Dreamz needles, marblz, novas and my favorite are the Karbonz… I own full sets of all but the Novas and I just own a few of those. The Karbonz I own are the DPNS which are amazing!

  3. I’ve only used a wooden crochet hook one time, but it had a really good feel to it and the yarn was easy to slide on the hook. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have used wooden hooks and also like to travel with them. There is no problem bringing them in the airplanes.
    Thank you! They look exquisite.

  5. I LOVE getting crochet hooks, I’ve learned even though they’re all graded the same there’s always a little bit of difference in size between 1 size G hook and another depending on how they’re made.

  6. For the most part, I’ve never used a wooden crochet hook (there was a brief day of experimenting with a bamboo hook, but I never actually made anything with his, so it doesn’t really count).

  7. I love the feel of wood hooks. I find them best for afghans and projects where I don’t want the stitches to be tight. Less useful for amigurumi where I’ve broken one before.

  8. Yes, in fact the ones I like best is this set that I purchased at LYS several years ago. I still have and use most of the hooks in the set, although I tend to prefer the Knitter’s Pride soft grip because of old hands.

  9. I have used wooden crochet hooks before. They were from a beginner crochet set and were not very smooth so the yarn would catch on them. I’ve heard good things about these hooks and would love to try them out.

  10. I have tried a wooden hook before, which was from a learn to crochet set. I didn”t work very well as it snagged the yarn. I’ve heard good things about these hooks and would love to try them out!

  11. I have sort of used these type hooks before, I picked up one that use an interchangeable needle cord. A few weeks ago, it felt nice in my hand but haven’t really made anything with it yet.

  12. Yes, I have and they feel wonderful! However, although I have not broken any wooden hooks yet, I am afraid that I will. I have broken many plastic ones. Thank you Knitkabob, Amy, & Donna for sponsoring this delightful prize!

  13. I’ve never used a wood crochet hook before – I’ve always used aluminum or steel. Even my one lone lone Furls crochet hook is an Odyssey which is nickel-plated pewter. I’d love to have the opportunity to try one..

  14. Ive never worked with wooden crochet hooks but I have worked with wood knitting needles and they are so amazing! Love the give away. Thank you!

  15. I used wooden hooks years ago but they were lost in a fire. In later years had to rely on my metal hooks but have been lookiing at all the new hooks available lately. Wooden hooks seem to be a good alternative to metal and not so heavy. I would love this set.

  16. I have one Lacis “P” hook that allowed me to “speed” crochet a blanket with super bulky yarn. It is my only experience with wood hooks, but it was a good one! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  17. My favorite hook is a size I Furls hand crafted wood hook; with my arthritis, it lets me crochet twice as long before my hand starts to ache…I recommend them, if you can afford them…


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