NatCroMo 2016, March 17: Daily Giveaway

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The Crochet Express National Crochet Month Blog Tour


Welcome to Crochetville’s fourth annual National Crochet Month (NatCroMo) blog tour, taking place each day of March 2016. Join us as we take a virtual tour on our passenger steam train, The Crochet Express, visiting crochet designers, crochet-friendly local yarn stores, and yarn companies, and offer some fun giveaways.

Today’s Posts: Bonnie Barker | Jennifer E Ryan | Amber Millard | Sheep Thrills Yarn Store | Universal Yarn | Daily Giveaway

Want to Chat about the Tour?

Part of the fun of taking a passenger steam train trip is talking with your fellow passengers. This year, we’re providing two locations where our passengers can get to know each other. We’d love to hear about your favorite things you’ve discovered on the tour and see photos of your current crochet projects. You’re invited to join us daily for virtual cocktails/appetizers and dinner. (We’ll be sharing links to some fabulous recipes!)

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March 17 Daily Giveaway

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Crochet | Deb Burger

Special thanks to Deb Burger for sponsoring the March 17 Daily Giveaway on The Crochet Express. Deb has generously donated:

  •  A signed copy of her newest book, Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Crochet.
    • The book is a progressive course in crochet for boys and girls aged 6-12.  Each chapter presents a skill, and then a gender-neutral and kid-friendly project, using the new skill and those mastered in previous chapters.  There are 12 chapters and projects.
    • Retail value is $24.99
    • Shipping only inside the US.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the Entry Form and Terms and Conditions.


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Shipping only inside the US.


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28 thoughts on “NatCroMo 2016, March 17: Daily Giveaway”

  1. I’ve shown children as young as 3 how to crochet, but they really don’t have the motor skills to do it well. Motor skills and focus are must better at 8yo

  2. I don’t think there is one ideal age for kids to start to learn crocheting. It depends on the individual and his/her level of interest, patience and motor skills.

  3. I was about 3 when my grandmother started teaching me to crochet. I think as long as the child has and interest and is able to follow directions age really isn’t an issue. My granddaughter is a little over a year now, she’s showing wonderful interest in yarn and sits and watches me crochet all the time. She’s not ready yet but as soon as she is, I’ll start teaching her.

  4. I have tried to teach one of my granddaughters to crochet, but we really didn’t have enough time to get past the beginning chain. I will be moving in with them in a couple of months and plan to spend a lot of time with Kaylen, teaching her to crochet. I would say any time a child shows interest in learning is the right time to start teaching!! If all they can do is chain, let them chain away until they are able to understand how to move forward. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book for my 10 year old granddaughter.

  5. I have taught children to crochet. 8-10 seems to be a good age range for learning depending on their eye hand coordination.

  6. Showing interest in the art is the first step, but more importantly do they have the coordination to carry it out? Age range varies on the motor skills needed, but generally I would say between ages 8 and 10 from my experience.

  7. Do you teach / have you taught kids to crochet? What do you think is the ideal age for kids to learn to crochet? Every child is different, 10 years is a good age.

  8. I’d like to teach my daughter to crochet, but she isn’t showing interest in things that take any real time to complete (she’s 8). Maybe soon, though!

  9. I’ve taught both of my sisters, not that they would remember how to now. Haven’t taught any kids yet, but I’d like to. I don’t think there is a perfect age as kids are all different.

  10. Yes, I have and do teach children. Prefer that they are at least 10 years old. Younger children have less of an attention span.

  11. I taught my son to make a chain, it was all he was interested in, he is 18. My youngest has been around hooks and needles her whole life so I hope one day she will come to me and ask to learn, but until then, I have given her a chunky hook and some scrap yarn for her to use (play with) when I crochet.

  12. I’ve taught my daughters how to crochet. I think around 4 or 5 is a good age for finger crochet. But any time they have the dexterity to hold the hook and the driving interest to learn is the time to teach them!

  13. I have taught children and adults to crochet. I have taught a beginner crochet class to kids and loved it! I’d say an ideal age is 8-9 years to start learning.

  14. I gave one lesson to my nieces and nephew, but my nephew is left-handed, and I’m right-handed, so that was a challenge. I tried teaching basics to a friends granddaughter, who may have been about 4, but I wasn’t very patient about not being able to work on my project. So, 4 is too young (unless you’re a lot more patient than I), grade school is okay.

  15. What a great idea. My child and grandchildren are too old to appreciate this but my grandnieces are just the right age and I have been attempting to show them the basics. This would be a wonderful way to let them learn from the book.


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