NatCroMo 2016, March 2: The Buffalo Wool Company

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The Buffalo Wool Company

Buffalo Wool Company

Crochetville is very proud to have The Buffalo Wool Company with us today, March 2, as one of the featured yarn companies on our 2016 Designer Blog Tour in honor of National Crochet Month (NatCroMo).


About The Buffalo Wool Company:

Buffalo Wool Logo

For almost 30 years, while the American bison herds have been growing, the Miskin family has been raising these great critters, as we so fondly call them. What a joyous sight they are to watch, and how fortunate we are to have been able to become a part of their heritage. We obtained our first animals from the Ft. Worth Nature Preserve as they were remodeling and needing a home for these majestic beasts.

At the same time, for the past 10 years we have been working with bison ranchers across the United States to develop the finest yarns, yarn blends, and collection of bison fiber products ever assembled, most all of which are proudly made by American artisans right here in the USA.

We started by picking up shed fiber around the ranch and tossing it into a box in the barn. When the challenge was raised to help find a way to make bison ranching a little more profitable, we started looking at all the parts that weren’t being used. I was also an Ebay fanatic, and put this 3 lb box of shed fluff up for sale online. Two bidders got that box up to almost $420 and that sort of started us thinking. Today, we work with almost 200 ranchers around the country. We harvest shed fiber, shear hides at the processing plants, and do a little bit of live harvesting, but only as much as the animals will let us. It is pretty hard to convince a bison he needs a trim.

We love collaborating with different mills, dyers, designers, and production houses. It seems that every time we do something fun with someone, it ends up being greater than we could have expected.

We currently make 5 different yarn lines, with some fun variations on each:

Heaven | Buffalo Wool

Heaven“—100% pure ultra-soft and warm bison down. Laceweight and DK; it doesn’t get much better than this. The DK is perfect for crocheted fabric—finer than worsted, but the bison is packed with warmth, so your crocheted hats and scarves stay lightweight and toasty. And the lace is perfect for delicate crocheted shawls and accessories.

Earth | Buffalo Wool

Earth“—90% bison, 10% nylon; our soft and cuddly sock, sweater, scarf, glove and everything yarn. Machine washable, and non-allergenic DK weight, 200 yards per 50g. This yarn has everything that bison down has to offer, with the added strength and durability of nylon. Perfect when you want to crochet something for the kids in your life, or when you need something of your own that will last for generations.

Sexy | Buffalo Wool

Sexy“—50% bison, 50% Silk for sheen and stunning color and stitch definition, this is true luxury. 400 yards per 50g. The soft halo of bison down, mixed with the shine and drape of silk—the name says it all. Perfect for elegant crocheted wraps and scarves. Your lacy stitches will drape like a dream.

Buffalo Skies | Buffalo Wool
Buffalo Skies

Buffalo Skies“—50% bison, 50% merino wool. With deep rich colors, soft and springy, “Skies” is our most accessible yarn. You get the benefits of bison and the best of fine wool. Great for crocheted sweaters, scarves, hats and especially mittens.

Tracks | Buffalo Wool

Tracks Standard” and “Tracks Custom-Dyed by KnitCircus“—10% bison, 90% superwash merino. Our sockweight yarn, machine washable and dryable. It just gets softer and better the more you wear it. Ideally suited to crocheted socks and other fine accessories—though it would make a gorgeous sweater. Also fantastic for things for baby.

Because bison fiber is so warm, soft, and durable, as well as being non-allergenic, we also use these yarns for outdoor ready-to-wear garments, hats, socks, gloves. These have actually surpassed our crafting yarn and now account for about 80% of our annual sales.

To honor the animal, we try not to let anything go to waste. Like the Native Americans before us, we value every gift this animal gives us, and also utilize the coarser fiber and make felt hats, boot liners, rugs, and bird nesting material.

I do hope you get a chance to feel and experience bison fiber and yarns for yourself.

~Ron Miskin


The Buffalo Wool Company’s NatCroMo Specials

Sexy Flowers

Designer Daniela Nii is working on a new design featuring Sexy and Mini Skeins. Keep watch on the Buffalo Wool Facebook Page to learn when the pattern is released.


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  1. I would love those beautiful hooks. I am so fond of those magnificent creatures. It would be a pleasure to see them sitting on my end table.


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