NatCroMo Media Kit

Welcome to our simple media kit for the NatCroMo Blog Tour 2020

We’ll be adding more information here soon, but for now you can check out our NatCroMo 2020 Blog Tour Announcement, our NatCroMo Blog Tour Essential Info page, our NatCroMo Blog Tour FAQ page, or download images for social media below.

Download NatCroMo 2020 Images for Social Media

Preview of image NatCroMo banner image sizes.

These aren’t fancy download links; they’ll just take you directly to the full-size image in your browser. Then you’ll need to right-click and save to your computer.

Download for Facebook posts (940 x 788px, 106KB)

Download for Pinterest pins (1000 x 1500px, 124KB)

Download for Instagram posts (1080 x 1080px, 105KB)

Download for Twitter posts (1024 x 512px, 107KB)