Success for Designer in National Crochet Month Blog Tour

Success for Designer in National Crochet Month Blog Tour

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One of our goals for A Tour through Crochet Country was to increase traffic to the sites of our participating designers. We’re using social media to publicize the blog tour: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, leaving comments on designers’ blogs. We are hoping our efforts are effective, but until now we didn’t have any data to see exactly how we were doing.

Thanks to a very good friend, we now have some data to share with you. We will ask all blog tour participants to provide us with site traffic statistics if they can. We’re interested to see how everyone’s site has been affected by A Tour through Crochet Country.

We hope each designer feels the tour has been a success and that everyone will want to participate again for National Crochet Month 2014!

“Designer A” Site Traffic Before Blog Tour

Average page views per day: 100-150

“Designer A” Site Traffic on Tour Date

Page views: 2,244—–What a huge increase!!!!

Unique visitors: 1,999

Pageviews for pattern download page on blog: 500

Free pattern downloads from Ravelry: 104

Newsletter signups: 13

Designer A hasn’t been able to determine how many of those 500 visitors on her blog actually downloaded the pattern, but we have a feeling it was most of them!

Designer A also says she has continued to see a large increase in site traffic after her tour date.

Thanks to Everyone!

Designers, thank you for your participation. This tour could not have been a success without your valuable contributions. We hope you’ll all return to the tour in 2014!

Readers, thank you for your participation and support of the blog tour. We know you’re busy, and we appreciate that you have taken the time from your schedule to visit the blogs of the designers. We hope you’ve had fun! We plan on doing this again next year and hope you’ll join us again.

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